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NASAH What's Normal 1 Year On?

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When I was one year post SAH, I was still consumed with striving to get better.  At some point that lifted and I actually started living my life again instead of trying to either bend my new brain to my old life, or bending the present to my brain injury.  I was beginning to recognize that things were going to be different and starting the thought process of being really good with that.


At first, there is no way I felt in anyway good about my situation...people would tell me things like, 'you are so lucky to be alive' or 'you've really had a good recovery', but those statements and others like them just left me feeling like I was projecting something other than the way things actually were.  Slowly, I did begin to be able to hear those things and know that they were true.  It was only after several years, though.


Working all day, thinking fast, being physically agile, etc. are not all there to being a good person.  I actually love going slow, now; I like taking it leisurely; and I laugh when I try and look graceful.  There certainly is pain sometimes, both mentally and physically, but it isn't caused by going hard or long anymore.


The things that are often ingrained in our society, that I used to take for granted, suddenly open up for actual examination after SAH.  My gosh, I really don't have to do all this stuff anymore because it isn't at all important or what life is about!  How many people get to make these realizations?  In this way, we are lucky...not in the way other's think we are lucky.  They'll never know.


I hope you find that restful place in your recovery as well...sooner than I was able to even.  

I hope everyone here does.  I really value the support and I don't think I could have progressed psychologically as well as I have without all the BTGers!


Good luck!


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Hi all,


Just wanted to add a word of precaution on the subject of MRIs and other scans. If you have the Injected Contrast Product with your scan/MRI make sure you discuss beforehand and check or allergies etc. Any weird or gritty or major burny painful or suffocating feelings following injections of contrast products, ring the emergency bell !


I had no problem with brain scans and MRIs during the 8 weeks I was in hosp but six months later during a routine heart MRI (my heart and lungs got a bashing during the NASAH), I almost pegged it, yes, really due to a grade 2 allergic reaction, and had to be reanimated. The MRI platform said said this was the first time they had seen such a violent reaction to a ICP. I'd signed the discharge form beforehand warning of instant death as one of the unfortunate side effects of such products and I'd dismissed it almost scornfully turning the page of my Paris Match ... thinking they almost got me six months ago it couldn't happen again ...!!


Merry Christmas to all and courage to anyone currently in hospital or recovering from one of these ghastly experiences.


Sammy Anne

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