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Christmas! "Tis the season to be jolly"

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It would be great for those of you with digital cameras etc. to send in some photos to go into the album .... they can be of anything ..... nice snowy scenes ....probably more for you folks living in the colder parts of your country! ..... decorations..... your tree......dog in Santa Claus outfit....now there's a thought!! (Our dog would probably devour anything that he was dressed in.... but might give it a try!!.....don't think that the cat would appreciate it though! :lol: )

I would love to see our International friends sending something in.....it always sounds a lot more exotic in far away lands! Would also love to see a few photos of the guys that we speak to......I can remember faces, far easier than names and it's great to know who we're all speaking to.

Love Karen x :D

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That would be great Sami....will look forward to seeing them.....will do the same down here......it's a bit of fun.....last year had to use the fire guard to protect our xmas tree, as Bailey enjoys eating the decs off it ..... normally the nice ones and not the old tatty ones! (no, we're not talking choccy decs here.... but material ones!)

Lots of love K xx :D

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