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Sadz - Brain Hemorrhage ICH


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Hi Everyone,

I am new here and was hoping for advice from some of the experienced members on here. 


Basically my younger brother aged 32 had a ICH and as a result he his right side of the body is paralyzed and there is also speech loss.  Although he was looked after straight away and dealt with when taken into hospital in an emergency and I understand it will take some time for his recovery, but we are facing a dilema here as most of the recovery will be based on his physiotharpy but we can't perform physio on his affected leg (right leg) as it has been discovered that there is hug blood clot in his thigh and numerous small ones around the area.


Not sure what should we do as there is an option for IVC filter but that is a preventative measure not a possible solution since we can't give him anything to make his blood thinner as it may lead to another hemorrhage.


Please help with advice!! Thank you in advance. 

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Welcome to BTG.

So sorry to hear about your brother. The people you really need to talk to are the doctors looking after your brother and follow their advice.


We are not medically qualified so cannot give any medical advice but we are able to give you moral and emotional support.

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Hi Sadz


Never give up on Brother and as Super said, we cannot offer medical advice.  Perhaps there is someone on here who has been through similar.


I was told I'd never walk again but I can walk 60 yards on a bad day and 200 plus on a good day. (Back goes)


I do hope your Brother gets better as it is a long haul and he'll need family around him.


Keep his spirits high and with you in his corner who knows what he can do as the human spirit is strong.


Be well and keep brother happy,  I wish you and Brother all the best on his recovery.


Winb143 xx 

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