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Frequent Headaches

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Hi all


My SAH was on 23/9/16 so am about 5 months post - and I have recovered well but I get terrible headaches at least once a week. They last for a couple of days and I think triggered if I am tired. Does anyone else have these? Will they become less frequent with time? 


Thanks in advance




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Hi SamS,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.   Headaches, what can I say?  I am 16 months post my NASAH and have recovered well but can still get headaches but it often seems to be when I do too much.  Last year I had a week's holiday in the sun and felt great, it almost felt like nothing had ever happened to me but it is when I try and work that I can get a sore head if I attempt too much, I have had to experiment and find my new level of normal and it has improved but now seems to have plateaued. 


The thing I am still taken by surprise by is the things my brain seems to find difficult now.  A good example would be my 60th birthday party last Friday evening.  I loved the evening mixing with about 70 friends but by about 11:00 pm started to feel very fuzzy headed and less able to interact. (In case you are wondering I only drank two pint shandies so I was sober!)  The following two days I felt fuzzy head, sore head, a bit sick and all because my brain found it a strain mingling with people I like!


So I guess I am saying a mixture of "normal" days and a bit weird days with a sore head have and are my experience but I am definitely better than I was after 5 months.


Take care.....and share your thoughts and experiences, I have found it so reassuring to know that its not just me!



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Hi Sam


Unfortunately headaches seem to be a lasting legacy of SAH along with fatigue. If you think they are caused by being tired try stepping back a bit. Are you back at work now? Also as Graham says, intereacting with lots of people can cause the brain to want to shut down. I know I can't deal with  big crowds anymore and avoid them if I can.


Also I was told that alcohol effects double after a SAH. That means it was 4 pints of shandy Graham ;). I struggle when I have had a drink and in fact have been left with total amnesia if I push it.


Sam, make sure you are drinking plenty of water it really does help with the headaches. However if they persist, make sure you speak to your gp to rule out anything else.


Be good to hear more from you, welcom to BTG :) 


Clare xx

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Claire and Graham thank you so much for your replies.. I have actually been on the forum lots of times reading and have found it super reassuring to read what other people have written :) 


I think the fatigue is the legacy that I find the most frustrating.. I don't want to tired and so I think I am definitely doing a bit much! It's just annoying! I work for myself so am back at work - but today I think I feel rubbish as we have had visitors constantly (we live in dubai and everyone wants to come and stay) and its just a bit too much :( and I kind of feel like I should be better by now!



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Hi Sam


My Neuro surgeon told me that people generally fall into 3 categories post SAH

1.  Some will suffer severe headaches for a prolonged length of time

2. Some will suffer mild headaches for a prolonged length of time

3. Some will suffer no more or no less headaches than anyone else


I know early in my recovery the headaches were daily and severe for a good 6 months and then they calmed down.  After a year they were mild and infrequent.  After two years almost non-existent.  Now, over ten years on, I suffer no more than I did before the SAH and normally only if I'm dehydrated, tired or hungover ;)


Get plenty of rest and make sure you drink lots of water.  


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Hi Sam, I am two years out post my NASAH, and headaches are a daily part of life, some days you hardly notice them others days, they can be debilitating. As graham mentioned above, doing too much, is a common trigger, so the best advice is to find where your limits are for now. They for many of us this will improve, and as the months progress you will be able to do more, without triggering headaches, but it can be a bit of a battle of wanting to do more and then suffering the consequences. Some things are instant triggers, noise, large groups, over work, too much exercise but it varies for everyone what triggers the headaches and fatigue.


Good luck, you are still really at early days with it all, plenty of time for things to improve and plenty of time to learn how to balance things to accommodate!


All the best



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