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Tapping Noise Inside My Head

Guest Cyberhorse Mel

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Guest Cyberhorse Mel

This first occurred after the op and continued in hospital on and off. I told nursing staff and they said it is normal - but I never got an explanation of what it was.

I've had it a few times since the op - noticed it the other night again - this time I was lying in bed reading. When I changed my head position it stopped.

Does anyone else get this and does anyone know what it is or what causes it.

It is hard to explain but it sounds like someone tapping the end of a straw.

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Hey there

I don't get a tapping sound but I do occasionally get a clicking noise when I move my head. It scares me sometimes cos it's similar to the noise/sensation i got when my anni popped!!!

Couldn't tell you what causes it though, sorry.

Sami xxx

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Hi there

I get a clicking/ creaking noise, I think it is the bone and scars mending, but dont know, just summising, it is a little strange, but it doesnt hurt. dont know if that helps

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Guest Shiree


I had clicking noise too. Just another thing to scare the out of me!!!

But apparentley it is the bone fusing back together - pphheeewwww!!!!



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