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Short Term Memory

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Just want to hear different peoples stories on how there short term memory was affected.  

How it was in the early days after a SAH and how there Short term memory  got on over time? 


Thanks in advance 

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Hi Gareth


I'm not sure if you saw these but there was some good replies for you about short term memory in Dympnas story , is there a specific worry you have right now with how Dympna is doing with her  memory? 


Short term memory post a bleed is commonly disrupted. I went to a neuropsychologist group 18 months on from my bleed and every single person there reported this to various degrees and we all had different bleed locations and severity.


what seems to be the thought amongst professionals who study this  is that the absorption of blood into the brain surface interferes with the ability to process a new memory , the filing system is disrupted so it takes time to learn new ways to 'keep' that memory but more importantly to locate it again when needed.


the Speed at which people do that and How they do it will be slightly different for everyone and also you have to remember when healing is happening it will take more time or energy to do anything , so it's little steps , done often, realistic practise ( don't overstretch) , gentle encouragement and lots of rest,  that all helps new ways to remember. 


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Hi there


Mines was terrible in the beginning it has improved but when I'm tired its back to how it was, but however my memory was affected badly I have learned to live and adapt with it...

We are all different.

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