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Re: Link removal from Salford/Southampton NHS

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Just to give you an update on the removal of our link from the Salford/Southampton NHS web site.

I've been informed that they have removed our link due to new Trust policies, as behindthegray.net is classified as a "personal" site.

I have now asked the question as to whether being charity funded would make the difference?

There is definetly a lack of online support specific to SAH and as this site is showing there's a definite need for it. People would like as much access as possible to information.

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Hi Karen

Its a huge shame that they've removed the link from their site - I'd never have found you otherwise. Policy? Beauracracy and red tape really gets me riled. How can it be a personal site when it helps so many where the NHS ****** well fails!!! :mad::evil::mad::evil::mad::evil:

A very angry

Sami xxxxx

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Hi Sami,

I can understand their reasons.....however, if this site were charity funded...what logical difference would it make to this site.....apart from making it acceptable to the NHS in order to link? I can't think of any. Does it matter who funds it.....I know that I started this site with the best of intentions and there's no hidden agenda. Just makes me a little sad.

Love K xx

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Hi Sami,

I might look into charity funding.....may be lottery funding? I haven't got a clue what it involves or how much work it would take or if it's even worth it....

When I get 5 mins, I will have a look around......if you find any info before me, let me know!!

Thanks for your help!

Love K x

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