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 hi Winb143

today after 6 months of going back and forth to hospital I think stress has finally made 

me crash. Funny how much the body can take ?I  know how hubby has hung în there and fought but I myself have reached a point where I think stress has affected me I just can not get out of bed,.i have no energy today.and still things to do. How are you doing Win are you quite independent now do you have any long term effects that are effecting how you live today? Hope you don,t mind me asking? Did you reach a point in recovery where you learned things very quickly. My husband seems like a sponge he wants to do things so quickly even complaining about the parking yesterday and the cost.  Did it take you a long time to finally  start to eat again.? You must be doing well to be on this site, I am happy to talk to you.


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Hello Paul

Such good advice I am actually taking a day today, looks like hubby will be transferred for some therapy to another facility but wound  far from healed, hoping now on real food he will start to improve, told eating more than 100 per cent of his daily requirements. He needs some fat on body. He has a bit of a clawed hand that is improving and yesterday pulled arm and hand up to his face, his other hand becoming very fluid now. He seemed very sharp, had son and nephews there yesterday and they talked about cost of parking. He asked son how much parking was and was shocked, then wanted to know what our son was paying. He must be aware of money, he knows coins and denominations of money and he plays cards has not forgotten that either.


Paul I commend you on your dedication that is a long time to visit. Is Lin your wife? Mind me asking how she is doing, is she cognitive, walking , eating? If not comfortable answering my questions please don't feel you need to answer and I apologise for asking. Just like to know how well people have recovered.


I'm told hubby might still go to nursing home. I just do not know why when he is making such strides, he has not had therapy yet and his weak body has not been worked on yet. I just hope his wound does not impede his recovery but if he does not walk?? However his legs are moving, this will be the biggest thing for him to overcome and the one I am most afraid of.


This seems to be the emotion I have experienced the most. Afraid even though I see my husband almost every day the thought of him not in our home with me is the hardest.one thing though. I see my husband is working so hard to get better and most of his improvement has been in last 6 weeks. Nice talking to you have a great day.


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Hi Palhuc

My Daughter felt guilty when she had the flu and couldn't get up to see me but it is tiring for our Family.  I can guess how you must feel.


My Hubby did not trust Hospital to take care of me so they took turns every day for up to Christmas in London Hospital and then I was moved into a hospital nearer Kent (home).


I cannot walk very far but after being told I'd never walk again,  200 yards on a good day isn't too bad xx  So shopping means wheelchair but I can bath myself so I have my dignity back.


I loved food and I was bought Chocs,  to  be honest I got an addiction to them lol, I said to myself "Well Win after what you have been through you deserve a choc" while resting my arms on midriff bulge ha ha xx


This site was my Saviour as I used to think of death and what songs I wanted played at funeral ha.  I came on here and saw a load of people all having a laugh while getting over a brain bleed. 

You and hubby will get there just like me and mine as we argue now so I know I am recovered lol.  Take care you 2 xxxxxx 


Win xxxx

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