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Anxiety and distress

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Hi Steve


The mental pain is the most difficult aspect as people think that you're OK because you're walking and talking etc.  There's a saying that fits this perfectly "I look well from afar, but I far from well".  Try not to worry too much as this will (and has) made things a million times worse in your mind.  Just because you may not have physical signs of a SAH the mental signs are still there and evident to your GP.


Maybe email your boss to explain the situation and that although you were able to do some physical activity that mentally you are still exhausted.  You could explain that seeing your colleague and them seeing you made you panic into thinking that everyone would think that you were "skiving" but in actual fact you are still not well enough to return to work as collaborated by your GP who states that mentally you are not strong enough.


The turmoil of emotions that you are feeling are tantamount to the fact that you have not recovered enough to return to work, and again, your GP backs this up.  The three month mark was where it all got a bit much for me and I had similar thoughts to the ones that you have had.  My stubbornness, this site and my husband got me through, as did the counselling that my GP arranged for me. You are probably suffering from PTSD, as most of us have in some way, shape or form since our SAH's.  Try the meds with an open mind and no expectations or impatience - if they don't work, ask your GP for counselling.


Above all, do not feel guilty for taking the pleasure that going on a slide with your daughter gave you - it's these little moments that go toward that goal of recovery.


Take care and remember.......we're all here for you xx

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Hi Steve,

Glad you have found us on this site.  I had my NASAH on 31/10/15 and I have found it really hard to feel physically well and then not to be able to mentally perform.  It has played tricks in my head regarding what I feel about myself when people say "you look great" and I know I am not the same as I was.  I have found it particularly hard to understand that when I have been on holiday and actually felt really good and then return and tried to do some work my concentration and stamina have been diminished.


So all I can say is that in my world feeling good physically then finding work a challenge and the combination making me feel in a low mood.....is quite normal.  So hang on in there!


All the best



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I had an Aneurysmal Subachranoid Haemorrage April 1st and had it coiled.  I was in Hospital for 3wks and i feel since coming home that i am not doing very well at all it has been 3/4wks now since i came home .   I still can hardly get around the house without the aid of a frame for the feeling that i am going to fall over.  The depression and Anxiety i feel is through the roof at the moment.   Will i ever get any better ??  

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Topsy,  I just had an NASAH and 3 to 4 weeks is very very early.  You will definitely feel better, but it takes time.  It is also an up and down ride, so when you have a day that is a downer, just know its your body working on the inside to heal.  There will be better days ahead.  Rest and patience.  I send prayers for your recovery.



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