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  1. HI Rebekah, So sorry to hear this has happened to your mum. As Clare mentioned, we can't give medical advice. There is a wealth of knowledge on here for you to review. Overall, a NASAH can have a variety of short and long term affects. I had mine over 4 years ago. Other than some headaches for a couple of years, and some memory loss, I am mostly back to my old self. Just as with Clare, I had an EV to release pressure. I spent 10 days in the hospital and then returned home. The good news is, though the cause of NASAH is unknown, statistics show that the likelihood of having another one is no greater than anyone else. There is some debate on whether a NASAH is a "stroke", and there is a whole thread you can read on if it you wish. I send best wishes for you and your mum. Chris
  2. Hi and welcome. I had the same experience when I first joined BTG. I had a NASAH while running and have not been through what many on here have. I am also mostly back to my old self, while I know many here have daily struggles. I learned quickly that I am accepted. As mentioned above, we all experienced something tramatic and we all need support. I love this forum and the people here. Please feel completely welcome. Chris
  3. I stil drink. I learned that alcohol affects me more quickly than before. I also have a weird experience. I act fine (according to others) and don't get very tipsy. But the next day, I sometimes don't remember much. Like being blackout drunk, but without the blackout. The NASAH affected my memory in general, but when combined with alcohol, it is weird. I took an Uber home once and don't remember it. And I was not in anyway drunk. Hadn't had that much. It just didn't stick.
  4. Happy five year Greg. I hope you continue to improve. Chris
  5. Sarah, So glad to hear you are doing well. Nice job! Best wishes and prayers. Chris
  6. Hi and welcome, I hope things improve for you as time goes by. My only advice, which has become a mantra for me, is listen to your body. Work stress and things that require concentration, especially with vision, like driving or watching a movie, were very taxing on me for a while. I would usually end up with a headache. But now, 4 years out, its not so much. Like Clare, I run often, and was able to start doing that again about 3 months after the NASAH. Recovery takes time and patience. Of course, if you are ever really concerned with something, please check with your doctor. Best wishes, Chris
  7. Hi Nikki, As you know, no medical advice here. So always refer to your doctor. I am 4 years out from my NASAH. For at least the first 2 years or a little longer, I would get the occassional sharp headache in my forehead that would typically last for less than a minute. Very much like a brain freeze when you drink something cold too fast. I don't recall having any of these in the past year or so. So maybe, if it is the same thing, it will get better for you. Best wishes, Chris
  8. 4 years ago yesterday was my NASAH. Still going strong and getting better all the time. Love my BTG family!
  9. Sorry, repeat post (speaking of memory loss) chris
  10. Best wishes Teri. As said above, it takes a while to recover, so go easy on yourself. Headaches and memory problems seem to be the longest of the aftershock symptoms for me. But they do get better with time. I thought 3 years out, I was as recovered as I would get, with still some strange headaches and short term memory problems, but now almost 4 years out, things are continuing to improve, The headaches are mostly gone and the memory is better, but it could be because I really focus on memory now. Years sounds like a long time, but in my case, most of the improvements came rather quickly, and the rest just lingered a bit. So I am hopeful that you will feel much better in a few short months. We are all different, and I will say the recovery is not a smooth line. I experienced many peaks and valleys, primarily with "gloomy" days where I just felt depressed. But those too get better and fewer with time. Please be patient with yourself and heal nicely. Chris
  11. Awesome! I only run 5Ks but I know how good it feels to be running again. Keep it up
  12. The anxiety should pass. You are stronger now than you were before with that flaw waiting to happen. Now it’s conquered and gone. I run by the spot where my bleed eventually put me on my knees and just smile and pass by. Don’t blame the activity. Best wishes.
  13. I think you should ask your doctor and follow the advice. My NASAH happened while I was running. I was told to wait three months before I started back. But that was mainly because they wanted to do another scan at 3 months once the bleeding cleared to ensure there was no hidden cause they could not see. After that scan, I was cleared to run. Until then I walked (and occassionally jogged a little until my daughter yelled at me for it). I was back up to my old pace and distance within about 6 - 8 weeks. I now run almost everyday with no worries.
  14. Welcome, I am so sorry this happened to you. Alcohol still affects me differently than before the NASAH and I am almost at the 4 year mark. I just learned to go easy on it. It mostly just makes me forget things, repeat myself, etc. I send you best wishes for a recovery. Chris
  15. Welcome. I am sorry that this happened to you. You will find a ton of great advice, information and support here. Best Wishes, Chris
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