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3mm residual aneurysm after SAH with clipping

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Please help if you can.

Is there anyone on here who has experience in residual aneurysm after subarachnoid haemorrhage with clipping as treatment.


My mother had a grade 5 SAH with serious vasospasm and hydrocephalus  3 months ago was in a coma and on life support and told she wouldn't make it! Well she proved everyone wrong and has done amazingly! She was home, (after just a month) and is walking, talking and living fairly independently, with just memory, fatigue and mild confusion issues.


However after an angiogram yesterday  we have now been told that 3mm of one of her aneurysms have been left behind...


We don't know yet what they will do about it or how worried we should be...

has anyone had a similar issue?

also she was flying to Cyprus for my wedding in August (5 months post SAH as she is well enough in herself for the trip) but now I don't know if this has risks?

please help 

thank you xxx

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Gemma, your mum sounds like she has made excellent progress - fantastic.


We cannot advise you on whether she would be safe to fly or not as none of us are medically trained.  Some of us have flown post SAH but not sure that any of us have done with 3mm of an aneurysm not occluded though - you do need to check with her GP / Specialist and its also advisable that you inform the travel insurers too.  I don't know if this will increase the premium or not but if she gets the OK to fly you must inform them of a change in her medical conditions.

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Hi Gemma


so I have a small  annuerism which is untreated but monitored and i also have a neck on my treated anneurism which caused the bleed , so is described as 'not fully occluded plus my shunt'. My surgeon was happy for me to fly after my first angiogram confirmed state 6 months on but  i didn't until a full year later more because I just physically could not have coped with it earlier . Flying uses a lot of energy and places the body under quite a lot Of strain so that has to be mums call. 


that said I know it's your wedding so mum will want to go but I am going to guess it may be a bit of a struggle to get insurance. Based on my description of above and having a shunt I still pay what I think is a ridiculous amount for a weeks metal  cover and I have been refused by many companies I  but would not travel without it and that's despite having had yearly MRIs and remaining stable. I really wouldnt suggest mum goes without it. 


If you can get her cover, have surgeon blessing , know mums up for it then just make sure you book airport assistance, make sure she drinks plenty of water, take good earplugs, rest straight after flights and make sure mum has plenty of quiet space to retreat to during the stay and then just enjoy your day. She will want you to. 

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