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Would like to hear from other people in our situation

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Hi all have learned a lot more about my aneurysm  it is 5.6 mm. It is in the speech part of my brain. Still waiting to see the neurosurgeon, still have a few months to wait. Just wandering if anyone has had an op on one this size .


I have also been having some, i wouldn't say dizzy, but wobbly moments which come on with a stiff neck pain in the back left of my head. I also have hazzy vision in my left eye and jaw pain. Have seen a neurologist  and going for an MRI next week. I also have a tear in the main artery in the back left hand side of my neck, which they think are causing all the problems not the aneurysm. Has anyone else had problems like this with just an aneurysm, would be grateful to hear of anyone.


Thanks all


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Hi Chris, I hope that things have turned out well for you. I don't get on her much "I should" its a wonderful website. I have 2 aneurysms, one is coiled the other being monitored with yearly MRA's so far no changes from 4/2015 when they were discovered inadvertently having an MRA for something different and then coiled the one. thank God!


I will periodically have headaches but I also have a terribly sinus issue so never sure which the headaches are coming from. dizziness and wobbly moments come with it as well. It sounds to me like it would be more likely the tear in the main artery causing these symptoms versus the aneurysm, my unprofessional opinion.

I wish you well. let me know how you are doing.


well wishes,


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Hi Chris I was out for and age so all I know it was SAH4 an after they put shunt in I saw my daughter, Hubby looking sad and run to them and woke up.


Still can only walk approx. 350 yards but considering was told "what makes you think you will walk again " was a red rag to a bull !!


So I am standing longer walking more and it is a slow journey we are on. 


Good luck and keep on going  xxxx

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