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In Denial

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Hi all, I had a SAH way back in 1991 so I’m quite familiar with the subject but now I find myself as a carer and it’s equally challenging.   My partner, Mo had a SAH that required clipping nearly 3 weeks ago. She spent a week in critical care, two weeks in a high dependency unit and is now on a general ward, they forecast she may be there for another 2-3 weeks.


Mo’s issues at the moment are that she is in complete denial that she had a haemorrhage, preferring to claim an alien implant removal and a total fixation with going home by any means. I suppose both of these things indicate that she is detached from reality and possibly experiencing ICU delerium still. 


Have any other carers/family members experienced this scenario?  Any shared stories or advice would be very welcome. 



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Hi Ian


This is quite normal because it is so near to the bleed, it will take time for the after effects of the bleed and drugs to work its way out of the system. I wouldn't take any notice of what is said at the moment, let time take the lead and review in a week or so. Its very early days and it will take time to settle down.


 Please keep us updated with how you are both doing and good luck.

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Hi Ian 


I was sitting in my Hospital bed and eating lunch and I said to my Daughter "My treat Sa pass me my bag up" I thought I was in a café.


When she told me my bag wasn't here I told her not to muck about and give me my bag up !!  lol 


I laugh now but I was in cuckoo land and until I had my shunt in, then and only then did I come back to reality as I had hydrocephalus.  


I am not saying your Partner has this but I did xx Good luck to Mo and you Ian  xx

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