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Horizon BBC2 - Mon 5th Feb - My Amazing Brain

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Showing on TV this evening at 9pm on BBC2 




My Amazing Brain: Richard's War


Horizon follows the story of Richard Gray and his remarkable recovery from a life-changing catastrophic stroke. The film shows the rarely seen journey back to recovery. Recorded by his documentary film-maker wife Fiona over four years, this film shows the hard work of recovery.

Initially bed bound and unable to do anything, including speak, the initial outlook was bleak, yet occasionally small glimmers of hope emerged. Armed always with her camera, Fiona captures the moment Richard moves his fingers for the first time, and then over months she documents his struggle to relearn how to walk again.

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Looks good Karen and I think maybe he was treated at The fabulous National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London which is where I still go annually as outpatient after their lifesaving work for me . I owe them a big debt and still greatful I was in London the day my aneurism burst! 


Also adding to this thread the programme from Channel 4last week , it’s available to watch for a few more weeks.




Lotje had a SAH four years ago I think  but wasn’t found straight away. This is more about her investigation into advances than her story but was interesting I found. She also did a film on Netflix, ‘my beautiful broken brain’ but I found that impossible to watch with all the effects in it, 

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