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The book "A Dented Image"

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I am hoping this would be the correct place to put this.  I learned about the book "A Dented Image" by Alison Wertheimer on this site.


 I was able to get my library here in the US to locate a copy.  

As I read this book I could see some of my experiences easily, my thoughts and my fears here in print in front of me.  I have found it eye opening and comforting.  


I have searched for a support group but with no luck.  I have been told twice that the groups really don't have patients like me???  


So I am going a different route and reading.  When i first started my reading was very slow and tired me but I am getting faster and I really like only reading perhaps 20 30 pages at a time so I can ponder on what I have read.


I would never have come across this book but for this site...Thank you



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Hi Jean,


You're doing well if you can read 20-30 pages at a time. :)


The author of the book, Alison Wertheimer also had a SAH and she fully understands its fallout ... Sorry to hear that you can't find a local support group, but I'm glad that you've found some comfort with her book. x



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