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A dissapointment...and also a new appointment

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Hi everyone!

Went to my appointment with the phisyotherapist on Monday. Really looking forward to it. Dressed in a track suit and ready to start.....whatever there was to start. The rehab doctor just asked a few questions, ordered me to try some movements and requested x-rays of my left shoulder and neck. Won't do any work with me until she gets them. This could take ages....and she has forbbiden me to swim and also told me my handbag is too heavy. I left feeling very low and defeated.

The neurosurgeon told me to swim...so I don´t know who's right. I want to swim but I don´t want to harm my neck any further. It´s painful enough as it is.

Now the good news. After I wrote a letter of complaint, they have brought my appointment in the island of Gran Canaria with the neurosurgeon forward by 6 months. I´m seeing him next 16th of October and I am having the CT scan done tomorrow at my local hospital so I can take it with me. I have to make sure I write down everything I want to ask him when I go. I have to fly over to see him but we go in little aircraft that don't fly high enough to require pressurized cabins (that always risk depressurization). Since they forbade me to scubadive and reach certain heights, air-pressure has become my most recent post-SAH obssesion. It will pass......as all the others have. I hope :wink:

Thanks for reading,

lots of love


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Hi Nurianna I would listen to your physio as they are only thinking of your arm and neck your neurosurgeon would of been thinking about your head so they are both right you can swim it won't hurt your head but you can't swim now because of your neck and shoulder. Jess.xxx

Hope its better soon

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