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My Story - Susan

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First, Thank all of you for the warm welcome in the SAH Anniversary Section. I needed that more than I thought.  It is such a relief to know I am not alone. 


I don't have much memory of the last 2 or 3 years, so this is what I was told.


April 28th 2017. My husband (then fiancee) and I were heading home on the motorcycle when another motorcycle passed us at the bottom of a hill. When we got to the top of the hill, and a blind spot in the road,  was the other bike  stopped, blocking both lanes. We hit him, EMS came and life flighted me to the hospital.


My husband was life flighted also. He broke his leg ( still healing )and his arm. Just had surgery the other day on it. Will need at least one more on his arm.


Now what I remember. 


Not being able to move and the sound of the helicopter getting closer and someone says. "Relax, that's for you."

Coma dreams I don't like remembering.  Waking up,realizing I am in the hospital and 2 strange women that said I was in an accident.


Realizing the women were 2 of my daughters.  

Seeing my husband before 1 of his surgeries. 


Someone handing me a cane and telling me to walk.  Me saying I can't stand, I'm dizzy.  Waking up on the floor with my mouth all ******.  My teeth still hurt. 

Being at my parents house and another daughter calling  911 on me. A day in the psychiatric hospital. ( was in for  3 )


Going home and a little dog. ( had to be told it was mine.

Had my house broken into and robbed by friends. 


Moving  2 times until my husband got out of rehab.

Moving  3 more times , got married and  moved again.  

My father died 1 month ago. 


That's my story.


Only found out what was wrong with me because I wanted to know how spiders got in my head. I had a tSAH and a SDH.  PTSD and anxiety from the psychiatric hospital. Otherwise I haven't seen a doctor.


Does anyone have any ideas on how long the PTSD lasts? That's the worst for me. 

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Hi Susan :)


A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us.

You will find lots of helpful information and great support and friendship here.

You are not alone.


PTSD is different for everyone, we all recover differently.

If the hospital have not arranged counselling for you, maybe you should go and see your GP. 

They can arrange this for you. There may be a waiting list, i had to wait 6 months, but i did help.


Feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room.




Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Love Tina xx

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Hi Susan,

I was cooking a curry in 2009 and was passing wine to my hubby when I shouted "Help me"  I awoke approx. a year later after having a shunt fitted to stop hydrocephalus.  2009 was a dream but 2010 with my shunt in situ, I was awake and could tell my Family how much I loved them.


We are Survivors Susan so always remember that, and you will get your laughter back.  I sing but it doesn't go down to well ha ha. 


We do not need stress !! so any worries I sing !!  I awoke singing to a nurse. 


We can make it Susan so be of good cheer and do not listen to sad stories, you need to keep happy and look after you xxx  If worried always see Doc  xxxx 




Winb143 alias Win 



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