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New Member RoseGarden - looking after Dad


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Hi, I found this forum after searching for more information on life after a SAH.


Dad is almost 89 and had a SAH following a bad fall. (The fall was the result of him passing out, so he hit his head pretty badly). The SAH happened about ten days after the fall, after he'd been released from hospital. Initially he seemed fine, but as time passed he developed problems with motor function and ended up back in hospital where an MRI showed a SAH.


The consultant emphasised that the bleed was very small and that dad is recovering well. Dad has regained a lot of his motor function but still needs to walk with a rollator and shower with help from carers. Although Dad is elderly he was very fit and active for his age before this happened so these are big changes for him.


Dad is very confused by all of this. Of course the doctors have explained what happened to him, as have I, but it hasn't sunk in. I'm just thankful that it was so small. I appreciate it could have been much, much worse.

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Hi RoseGarden,


A very warm welcome to you and your Dad to BTG. Glad you found us.


So sorry to hear about your father's fall causing an SAH, it will be a very confusing time for him, but very glad to read he is recovering well. You will find lots of helpful information and caring support here.


Please feel free to ask any questions, we can share our experiences but not able to give any medical advice.

We look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx

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Hi Rose G 

I was very out of it after my  Bleed, it knocks you for six.


I know it is hard for all the family to cope, mine took it in shifts as I was out for a year nearly.


Make sure Dad always has water by him, I was told this when I first came on here.  Give him all the love and kindness you can as my family were told to put me in a home because I was not responsive.  They said say Goodbye to your Mum to my Daughter !! Grrr I knew I didn't like them lol.


I slept a lot and couldn't hold a full conversation as I had hydrocephalus and it was blocking me so to speak from waking up.

Still had the spirit though xx I had mine at 64.  


Keep Dad happy and I liked singing, so if Dad has a fave song or subject use it and see if he responds. My Sisters sang to me and I said

"Wrong words" and went back to sleep again.


Good luck to you and Dad and give him time as his brain needs to heal xxxx 

All the Best

Win xxxx Who thinks singing is a good medicine and happiness  xxxxx 


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