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Body Chills


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Hi AnnC,


I cannot remember anything after my SAH so I wont know ..Big help I am !!


Someone might have had them, but if worried always see Doc xx 


Hope they go Ann, xx I remember my hubby saying I was cold in hospital and he bought me a cardigan up ???


Good luck and see Doc as once you know you wont worry over it and stress is bad for us xxxx

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Hi Ann


This is not something I can say I have suffered or even heard anyone else suffering from post SAH. If you are unsure go to your GP or contact the nurse specialist at the unit you were treated. All to often we blame the haemorrhage for problems that are nothing to do with it so get it checked out.


Good luck, keep us posted.


Clare xx

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Golly - been a long time since I came here!  But, oh, how I resonate with your post.  I have occasional days when I yo-yo between body chill and the complete opposite, almost like a fever.   I'm 7 years after the event now and this has only started this year.


But,interestingly, it's akin to other problems I have - like yo-yoing blood pressure, yo-yoing levels of acidity in my stomach, yo-yoing levels of mood ...................  My husband wants me to get the doctor to sort it out - but all they do is give me drugs for the level I'm at at the time I see them - and then others to stop the effect when everything swings the other way.  It's just all too confusing - so I have stopped taking most of their drugs and accepted that I have a damaged brain and take each day as it comes, listening to the only advice I was ever given - listen to your body.  


I'm lucky, in a way - I am now 66 and retired with no-one dependent on me - so every day is my own now and if, as today, the message was rest - well, that's just what I did.  Hopefully tomorrow, I can do something.................

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