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Seizures after a NASAH

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I had them at puberty so not caused by SAH but had some real bad ones when I had SAH saw my Doctor who deals with my Epilepsy and told him I had such a strong one so much different to the usual ones, and they are bad enough  !! 


Had MRI and had a small bleed but it healed itself up ... Not nice and scare the life out of me and I have had them since 14 puberty now an old dear still scare me so I lay in recovery position and am out for about 2 minutes  but the one after SAH was different from any I've experienced before and  it was so scary ...Be of good cheer as a lot of people have them after SAH scary for the person having them and the onlooker xxxx .


You'd think after what we've been through we would have a break.  I wish you well and try and remain calm as I never can xxx lol  Medicine changed and all is well last shakes I got was in 2018 Feb so been a year without shakes  ..touches wood and whistles 




Win xxxxx




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I had a bleed in 2012 - in 2016 I had a wierd rushing sensation and strange sensation in my legs and stomach - 2 weeks later I had another bleed - those rushing attacks became more frequent it was mentioned then that they may be a type of seizure - 2 years later although not as frequent a neurologist has diagnosed seizures and put me on kepra - my seizures are called vocal aware - I don’t lose consciousness and can speak/behave as normal throughout the minute or so event. Still under investigation 

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