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Elaine galer

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i had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 30 years ago shortly after the birth of my son. It was successfully clipped and, although the bone flap never healed properly things were okish. On December 2017, a small boil appeared at the wound site. Several courses of antibiotics later and it still wouldn’t heal. Eventually it turned out that the bone flap was infected and I had it removed in feb 2018.


In feb this year I had a titanium plate put in as I hated having such a large portion of skull missing. Unfortunately, just after the staples were removed several leaks appeared and csf was leaking. This time I had plastic surgery to repair the original wound. I am now recovering from this but am concerned re the amount of fluid that is building up at the wound site. Any advice/ reassurance would be gratefully received!


 Thanks Elaine 

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Welcome to BTG.


I would suggest that you visit your doctor with your concerns or even contact the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital where you were treated.


As we are not medically qualified we cannot give any medical advice.

Would be helpful to others in the same or similar situation if you came back and reported the outcome.

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Hi Elaine :)


A very warm welcome to BTG.

There are other members that have had problems with bone flaps. Hopefully they will see your post and reassure you.

You have certainly been through it , bless you. 


Please find the link below, where others have posted and may help you.


https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=bone flap&search_and_or=or


As Super Mario has said, please keep us updated with how you are getting on.  If in doubt or worried always go and see your GP or Neuro.


Wishing you well with your recovery.


Take care

Tina xx

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