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Irene Callaghan

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Well just a couple of weeks ago just about to dish up dinner and reached for the big spoon and just lost use of my hand.  I couldn’t make out what happened and started rubbing it furiously.  I tried to speak out loud but it was slurred and difficult. That’s it, back to normal 5 mins later.  My husband wanted me to go to hospital, but I wouldn’t.  Should have I know.  


Next day saw my GP who made me an appointment for next day at the hospital and gave me aspirin and a statin.  I had a CT scan and neck scan.  Also heart monitored and blood pressure.  The consultant said it was a stroke and not a TIA.  Did not explain how he knew that.  Some other people had far worse experiences but were TIA. I have to back for an ambulatory heart thing which I wear for 6 days and an echo heart scan.  He also changed my medication.


i am a pensioner but quite an active one.  Have no history of this in the family.  So just carrying on with life.  Hoping it doesn’t happen again.  So glad to have found this forum.  Such a help to read other people’s experiences. 




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Hi Irene,


Welcome, glad you found this site.  So sorry you had that happen to you, happy to hear you are getting good care.  There are so many of us here with different stories, we are all survivors :)  


I had my SAH 2 years ago...it was a sudden thunderclap headache, no other symptoms...I was so fortunate as it stopped bleeding all on its own and after 2 days in the hospital I was released, counting my blessings thinking I had dodged a bullet (which I really did)...shortly after getting home I had vasospasm which was more complex and required a week in ICU and 2 weeks of rehab...


So here I am 2 years out with some invisible issues going on, numbness, off balance but I survived and I am living my life...went back to work even.  Good enough to welcome you and let you know we understand.  


Please go through this site and read the stories of others, perhaps more like your experience..I have found the folks on this site to be so supportive and full of desire to share and support..


So I will say again Welcome to BTG.

Enjoy your day,


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Hello Irene,


It helps to know we are not alone so that is the first step.


You need calm in life and happiness so Wins orders are for you not to listen to others troubles.  Keep away from any  stress situations all though life is full of stress... I sing to get out of stress related situations ..Upsets my family as a bad singer.


Welcome to the site, its has helped me no end ...just to go in Green Room and pour out my worries and know people understand


Good luck and welcome survivor xxxxxx (was cooking a curry when I had SAH/bleed )  It must be the food that causes it lol 


Keep Well 

Win xxxx

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