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18 month check up and a query for 'ladies of a certain age'

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I saw my neurologist this week for my (late) 18 month check up and we talked about the daily headaches plus the more severe ones I'm having 3-5 times a month.


He thinks that my headaches are now more likely to be migraines than residual problems from the SAH.
I'm not sure what I feel about this as I was on medication for migraine before this and the migraines were very different to the headaches I get now. I am a little worried I misunderstood his questions and that we were talking at cross purposes. He did say that an SAH can cause existing brain conditions to alter and he is the hospital migraine specialist so I guess I go with this.

His follow up letter has arrived very quickly this time and he's recommended a medication change so I've made an appointment with my gp to talk all of this through.


I also reported my increasing fatigue and my much more pronounced word loss, he put these down to 'poor attention' which made me think of primary school reports!

He did say I should also ask my GP about possible menopause symptoms as the fatigue etc could be caused by that, but I'm only 42 so I'm not sure if this is likely, or if a SAH can trigger an early menopause? I am also having problems with regulating my temperature so I will ask.


This all sounds like I'm uneasy with my neurologist and I'm not at all, more frustrated with myself that I don't think I'm explaining myself effectively at appointments. He always has plenty of time for us and does full examinations explaining what he's doing.


Apologies for rambling, and I know no medical advice can be given but anecdotes and reassurance welcome!

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2 hours ago, SarahLS said:

He did say I should also ask my GP about possible menopause symptoms as the fatigue etc could be caused by that, but I'm only 42 so I'm not sure if this is likely, or if a SAH can trigger an early menopause? I am also having problems with regulating my temperature so I will ask.


Hi Sarah


I'm 48 and in the last year or so have felt like I'm "going through the change" - I've noticed increased headaches around the "time of the month" and also feeling that I'm not as alert as I was 12 months ago.  Also feel at times that I'm not paying attention as the concentration levels have altered.


As for temperature regulation, I've suffered with that since my SAH.  If I get cold i can't warm myself up and if I get hot, I can't cool myself down - that part is definitely not linked to the menopause for me.

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Hi Sarah

I too have problems with attention deficit, it is one of the most lasting legacies of my bleed. I have difficulty paying attention which means I forget things. I thought it was my memory and while this plays a part, more importantly for me, if I am distracted I have difficulty refocusing which is all to do with my ability to pay attention.


Get your Gp to do a simple blood test, that will tell if you are perimenopausal (in the period prior to menopause) and may give you some of the answers you are looking for. 


I think your fatigue may well just be something left over from your bleed. I still suffer now, 4 years post, and find I have to rest more often. It is one of those symptoms that people who haven't experienced a SAH find it hard to recognise.


When you see your GP to discuss your medication change, I suggest you ask for a test for the menopause and also for other diseases that cause fatigue such as thyroid. Hope you get some answers.


Clare xx



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Thank you both for these replies and reassurances, knowing there are people out there who are slightly further along the journey than me is so comforting.


I have made a long GP appointment and have already started making a list of things to ask.

My fatigue/aphasia/concentration levels had improved a lot until recently but over the last month all have dipped significantly- to the extent my husband and colleagues have noticed. Not knowing if this is a seasonal dip/legacy of the bleed/something new is all a little disconcerting.

My temperature issues are similar to yours Skippy, but I tend to feel hot/over heating most of the time however cold my hands and skin feel. At work people have been shivering with air blowing heaters on them while I've been sat in a tshirt looking longingly at the window! However if this flips and I feel cold it is full on shivering and not being able to get warm regardless.


Again thanks for the replies and suggestions xx



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It's my hands that stay the coldest longest - the rest of me can be nice and toasty but my hands remain freezing - only way to warm them is to hold a nice, hot cup of coffee - in the summer to cool them; a nice, cold beer :wink:

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Sarah, meant to post about my experience 12 months ago now where I had to go see a neurologist for some checks after shall we say odd symptoms and the conclusion is that I now have a variant of ocular migraines, something I nevertheless had pre SAH


 I did get migraines, but now I don’t get them like that, his explanation was that it tries to flick the same switch after being triggered and other lights go off !! That made sense to me. I had a change in meds I was already on for BP to one that helps with migraines and to date I can report pretty good. 


I was 39 when I had mine. Periods went off the wall for a while, got heavier( sorry chaps) , settled a bit and then perimenopausal for the last couple of years. I was 47 this year. Was also told it can early onset the menopause. I get way more forgetful around my period now , increased head pain too but also at this  time of year I need way more sleep...who knows what’s going on really. 


Take care


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