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Eye twitching

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Does any one have eye twitching on and off after NASAH? I am 9 months post bleed and have been having this random eye twitching only on the right side for almost 3 weeks now. No other new symptoms other than this (of course the routine fatigue, occasional headaches and neck pains are there always) Is this normal/ expected?


Should I see a doctor?


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Hi Ami, I too have eye twitching, not very often though. I had it pre my SAH so can't relate it to that. I do get it when I am tired though and as fatigue is such a legacy of SAH maybe that's why it is happening to you.


It may be worth a check up with your optician, hopefully he can put your mind at rest.


Clare xx

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Hi Ami,


Eye twitching can be a sign of vitamin deficiency as well as tiredness. It might be worth having a chat to your GP, considering that it's gone on for 3 weeks.


I was B12 deficient for some time and also Calcium/ Vitamin D defiicient with a twitchy eyelid thrown into the mix.


I would certainly go to your GP and get it checked out. Hopefully they'll be able to rule out anything with a blood test and it could be an easy fix....like mine. x

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