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Three Year Anniversary!

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I can hardly believe it's been three years since the day that changed me forever.    We were having the worst snowstorm of the year in New Hampshire USA.  There were virtual white-out conditions but me being Me, I strapped on my boots and set out to take the dog for a walk.   I was pretty close to home when the pain hit.   I described it as a "lightning strike" in the back of my head.   It almost brought me to my knees and I knew.    Something is wrong.     I was able to make it home.    At 59 years old, I had always been fairly fit.  Sometimes very fit, but exercise has always been part of my life.   I have run half marathons and often hike here in NH.     I train German Shepherds in protection work and no one has ever had to coddle me.

Fast forward a half hour or so and my dear sweet husband called the ambulance.    He knew by my moaning and holding my head that something was definitely not right.    Sub-Arachnoid Hemmorhage was not in my vocabulary at that time....It was not anything I had ever heard of!

I see the hand of God in the entire day because the snow storm had left the highways with virtually no traffic.    Massachusetts General Hospital had no one in the queue for admittance or CT Scan.   Zip!  right in.   

My husband had to leave the small community hospital that I was originally brought to and feed the dog, get clothes and drive to Boston.   12 inches of snow had accumulated but a dear friend had plowed almost a mile to my doorstep.   Hubby drove in and was out on his way to me in minutes.


I believe I received excellent care in the Neurology Department in Boston.   Scary as it was.

After the second follow up CT Scat with contrast the Doctor told me to resume my life and "Forget this ever happened."     I did try!

A week or so after the SAH i suffered severe back pain which the doctor told  me was the blood from the bleed moving down my spinal column.    I was assured that it would dissipate.    Silly me.  I assumed the headache would as well!    My headache was NOTHING like the pain of onset so I followed doctors orders and just carried on with my life.

Mostly, this has worked!   My husband could not be more understanding and my adult children are wonderful.

So having chronic headaches seems to be my 'New Normal"        I can always "feel" my head and somethings I tire of it.  Other times my head hurts quite a bit but i have had a follow up MRI which showed nothing and the headaches seem to be here to stay.   I still jog, train the dogs and we have retired and purchased a Motor Home.   Our trips together have been delightful.

I love life, and I cherish every day.   Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far!    


Oh!   And it's Pi Day!   I ate pie.....chocolate.    

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Chocolate pie. The best way to celebrate I think just the joy of here and now! Good choice XMom. 


Some good angels with you that day, living and otherwise if you believe that kind of thing and I hope the headaches improve. I find giving myself a gentle shoulder and neck massage each night before sleeping has helped mine. I use a scented oil I know relaxes me, still won’t  ever let anyone else do it, I know the pressure I need for that day.


keep on looking forward ...i may grill you for puppy training tips!, 

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Congratulations on 3 years...You had good fortune to get through a NH snow storm and be able to get to Boston...Sounds like you are enjoying your life...excellent...Sorry the headaches persist...

Wishing you good health and lots chocolate pie :)


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