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Flow divert stent and non intrusive operation

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I have had treatment for an unruptured aneurysm.
Has any one here had non-intrusive operation - meaning through the groin to have flow diverter stent inserted?


If so,

How long was your hospital stay? 


How long did your recovery take?


How long after your operation did you return to work? 

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Stevie ,


I had a SAH 4 and my rupture was coiled ...but I was out of it  so cannot tell you much about it.  All I know it stopped the bleeding into my brain.


Had mine at Kings College London...This was in 2009 ..So good luck xxxxx...


Go get em  xxx ha ha   Keep smiling and singing  it really helps..But drive hubby mad xxxx  Let us know how you get on  xx

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Hello Stevie


Many thanks for posting your comments on BTG.


I do hope you are getting the support from family and friends to help you on the recovery road.


Following SAH there is no 'one advice' that fits all. The nature of each bleed is different, as is the damage to the brain and the area suffering the trauma.


This site has so much valuable information from members who have shared their fears, anxieties and struggles in the days, months and years following their bleed.

You will find great encouragement from reading the various forums.


Meantime the following link will provide some information on your specific query about 'flow diverters' .


https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=Flow diverter&search_and_or=or


Please take time when you are able  to share the circumstances surrounding your SAH by visiting the Introduce Yourself forum.


Our members will endeavour to help answer any questions you ask.


Wishing you well as you go forward and remember it has been a steep learning curve for survivors and carers alike.




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Thank you for your reply Winb143! 

I realise more and more that one advise does indeed not fit all! 
However I appreciate you sharing your experience and information, as much can still be learned from one another.

All the best wishes for your continued recovery! 

kind regards


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Dear Subs, 


Thank you so much for your reply. You are absolutely right there is no one advice that fits all! However I appreciate any information, knowledge and experience out there.


I realise my journey is indeed that! My journey! 

Thank you for the link, I have not looked at it yet but will do so soon!

Kind regards 

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