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A Question - Ataxia?

Guest suse

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Hi Susan,

I've never been diagnosed with having ataxia ..... but had problems with swallowing, balance and tremors after the SAH. Still suffer with all three to a degree, but the tremors have improved enormously and I only get them when I'm tired.

Swallowing can still be quite scary sometimes, but again, it has improved ..... In the early months, I would often choke on food, as I couldn't seem to swallow "on time" ..... didn't matter whether the food was liquid, soft or needed chewing, I was out of sync.

I put a lot of it, down to the side effects of the anti epilepsy drugs that I was on and things did improve a lot, when I came off them.

It's an interesting subject Susan and I don't think that it's been discussed on here before....

Love Karen x

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Hiya Suse, and welcome home :) No diagnosis of Ataxia as such here either but yesquite a lot of the symptoms but they definitely do improve as time goes by, although I too find swallowing difficult and like Karen at first it was a lot of the time, but now only sometimes and particularly if I'm tired, I have so often been left with tablets still dissolving in my mouth ( Yuk!) and the water I use to help me take them, has gone happily down :roll: Tremors also again worse when I'm tired. so it looks as though none of us are alone with the afflictions :| good to know they do improve I assume you arehaving ataxic problems too? :(

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