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MRI Scan

Guest troopersway

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Guest troopersway

Hi all, 20 months post SAH, coiled and in most ways back to normal, ok, actually still using a stick for altered sensations, speech blips (mostly on phone) tiredness and if my husband is right, some personality issues!!!!!

However, just had another MRI scan and letter today says coil all fine - good news. However then went on to say there was a small bump in an artery near the coil, nothing to worry about and scan in around 3 years BUT I am worried, what is this bump, is it another ani, what are the chances etc etc!!! If any of you have any answers then would love to hear them. Will call Neuro nurses for a chat but thought it may be someting common in SAH?

Kind regards


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I always phone my neuro nurse if I am worried about anything x x

I have a small gap at the tip of my anni and had a MRI scan and was told all ok and still the same and another MRI scan in 1 years time x x It does worry me but has I see it if they was worried about it then they would operate x x

Speak to the neuro nurse and make a list what you want to ask because if you are anything like me soon has you are on the phone your mind goes blank :roll:

TC love



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