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Hi RossiGirl

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Hello rossigirl.

Welcome to the site!

This and the site it sprung from have been a massive help to me and hearing from others that have had similar experiences has been helpful too. Its good to feel like you are not alone. The support i recieved has often been better than the support I have had from the NHS.

I havent had a SAH but my wife did in May last year. She is still recovering after 10 days in a coma and 3-4 months in hospital. If I can answer any questions for you feel free to message me.

Well I gotta go.

Take care.


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Hi and thanks for th ewarm words. i feel very lucky as my SAH doesn't appear to be as bad as any of the others I've read so far - it kinda makes me feel like a fraud! I wasn't in a coma and haven't suffered siezurees - just left feeling very unsure, anxious and confused by the whole episode. It was only 3 weeks ago and physically I'm fine if a little tired and emotionally I'm wrung and confused. Any words of wisdom, support or general help would be greatly appreciated.

Off now tho so will be bak on tomorrow

Bye bye

Sami :D

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Hi Sami,

It's really good to hear from you and please don't feel like a fraud......your experience is the same as ours.....some of us have been left with ongoing problems.....but everybody here is sharing a common theme and we can all help each other out and share our problems!

You are very early on in your recovery and I think that you have to listen to your body....when it's telling you that you are tired......rest up! I have found that sleeping is really important to recovery and if I don't get enough, boy do I suffer the next day!

I still have good days and bad ones. The bad ones, I try to forget about and bin them, like a bag of rubbish. Having good friends and family is really important also. Just hope that if you can't talk to them, then you will talk to us. Doesn't matter how small the problem, you can share it with us and if we can help, we will!

If you feel like writing your story and the background to your SAH, then please do so. You can post it here or write it under "submit article". It's really good to be able to know a little of your background and your circumstances and I think that it also helps others. Just keep coming back to us and share your feelings!

Take care,

Karen x

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Hi Guys

I've replied to each of you individualy I think, but just want to say thank you for the site and its good to know that i can talk to people who have experienced this rather than those who have studied medicine and then think they have the answers.

Its also good to hear from those who have loved ones who have suffered an SAH as I can pass messages onto my husband who has been my rock throughout all this and my nine year old daughter who is my ray of sunshine.

Sami xx

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