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Last week I had my first angiogram because my neurosurgeon and the neuro radiologist at my local hospital apparently disagreed about whether I had a second or third unruptured aneurysm.

The angio whislt unpleasant went OK and didn't hurt but I am left totally confused by the differing diagnosis I was given by the surgical team and radiologist.


They both agreed that I have two infundibulum blood vessels in my brain (abnormal v shaped vessels) but gave very different explanations (at different times, both when I was alone).

Neuroradiologist: nothing to worry about, they won't grow or change


Neurosurgical registrar: They can grow into aneurysms and rupture, therefore they have to be watched and monitored as if are already annis.


As you can imagine, I went from elation to confusion in the space of a few hours.

I have looked them up on the internet but I just can't digest all that guff right now. Does anyone else have an infundibulum out there? And if so, what did your surgeon say about it?

In confusion,

Leo xx :?:

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Brain infundibulum  : A small outgrowth of the ventral wall of the embryonic brain from which the pars nervosa (the posterior lobe) of the pituitary gland develops is also called the infundibulum. (Another name for this structure is the pituitary stalk.)


Hi Leo......i looked it up like you, it is confusing.....I would call your Neuro Consultant and ask him to explain it all to you again..... tell him you have had two different explainations that have caused you to worry......I am sure everything is fine, but you need peace of mind. Try not to worry....hope you get some clear answers.


Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Tina,

When I looked it up I found all sorts of things about hearts and stomachs and very little to do with brains which added to my confusion. Nice to know its not just me being a doofus!

You are probably right - next stop, the consultant again.

Thank you,


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Hi Leo,

I've also never heard of an Infundibulum, so it's a first on this site ..... will look it up.

Would definetly ask your consultant, especially if you're getting conflicting opinions.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

K x

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Hmm Leo I can well understand your reluctance to be 'the first' go for it though, tell your Neuro Surgeon all and that you are worried, I always remember a friend of mine ( he happened to be a priest) saying, I do wish people would tell me things my radar is not always switched on! In other words tell those who can help. It will be interesting for us too, I'm quite content to let you be a guinea pig instead of me ( sorry my appalling sense of humour got the better of me then :wink: Good Luck and do let us know what the NS says :)

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Hiya Perry,

Thanks for that :lol:

I have tried to contact my surgeon but so far no luck. His secretary wouldn't even allow me to book an appointment as I am not a private patient - charming!

Hope you all had a relaxing Bank Holiday,

Leo xx

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Actually I didn't think of asking my GP so thank you for the suggestion.

I must say, I think I have been quite lucky with my GP. He admitted to me when he fist saw me after the SAH that he didn't know very much about it but since then he has certainly worked hard to get me seen by the right people for neuro rehab and actually seems interested in how I am getting on. A rare quality in a GP.

Thanks again,


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