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Hi there

I’m posting to ask for some simple advice as I feel very short of info.

I had my NASAH (Grade 1) on June 28th - middle of a field, out of nowhere, thunderclap headache, vomiting, light sensitivity, stiff neck.  Assumed it was a violent start to a migraine! Husband came to get me. 


Felt appalling, made no sense talking and tried to sleep the ‘migraine’ off.  Next day headache lessened a little but all other symptoms still there and now with a really fuzzy and uncomfortable brain feeling.  I tried to work that week but it was too hard.


 I’m self employed and do 3 days a week as a Marketing Director. In the time of Covid getting medical help is challenging but I phoned to doctors twice and a week later the doc suggested I just get checked out at A&E.


They kept me in, lumbar puncture, a variety of CT scans, cerebral angiogram, 2 days in HDU and an MRI and 5 days later sent home.


My post here really is about what to expect - no one has told me, just that I need to rest but I’m a pretty active person and what does rest mean?  Do nothing?? Literally?  I get fatigue and headaches and all sorts of strange sensations, stiff neck, fuzzy brain, most of the things I see people on here experience (good to read I’m normal!) and of course I get episodes of anxiety - usually when I have possibly done too much (although in reality hardly anything) and I get tired and twinges and aches and sometimes little panic attacks - bleurgh!


I’m not driving but haven’t been told I can’t. I’m not doing much exercise as too tired but want to do more just so I don’t turn into a complete couch potato! I didn’t work for 2 weeks after return from hospital but am doing probably the equivalent of 1 day per week spread across the week as and when I can. I don’t know what taxes my brain/body more? Physical or mental things?  If I knew I would avoid the most taxing and do more of the other.  I’ve no idea how long recovery will take? `I’m hugely fortunate that I have had no other significant side effects like vision or paralysis.


I’m just hungry for basic info and I know everyone is different.  I’ve read the NASAH threads and it seems some people take a year or more to recover fully (scary thought). 

Just simple info would be massively helpful


Thanks for reading and best wishes in recovery to all on here x

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Hi Carolyn  :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG , glad you found us. There is a wealth of information and support here as you have found.


Here is a link to A Letter From Your Brain.  I found it very helpful.




I think you just have to listen to your body. If feeling tired, try to rest. You may just need to have a quick sit down, or you may need to actually have a nap.  Don't push too hard too quickly. Pace yourself, drink plenty of water, i really does help.


Well done on getting back to work,  a huge achievement. You are doing  all the right things by reducing your hours and gradually building them back up. Recovery is different for everyone, Small steps.


Look forward to hearing more from you.

Wishing you well with your recovery.


Take care

Tina xx




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Thank you for your lovely reply and letter to my brain 👍🏻👍🏻
does anyone know whether I can legally drive or if I need to report this to DVLA?

Reading some of the posts on here has really helped me to understand a) I’m not alone b) my symptoms are not uncommon c) I think I’m doing ok considering d) I’m not going to recover as fast as I had ignorantly imagined!  All of these are a great help


thank you


onward and upward

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Carolyn i believe if you have had a bleed you do have to inform the DVLA by law. You will need to get a  letter from either your Consultant or GP  to say you are well enough to drive. Here is the link for information on returning to driving.




Loving your attitude :) onward and upward :thumbsup: xx



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