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Hi All

Just reading Perry's message. I won't bore you all with my story yet again just an update. Last week I had to see a urologist as I have prostate cancer (at present its stabilised and they are just keeping an eye on it). He wanted me to have a further biopsy but said it would have to wait until I have my recoiling. I then thought this may speed things along as it is 9 months since I was told I needed recoiling and it was dangerous to leave. I rang the hospital and actually spoke to the radio neurologist that did my original embolization, he was not the man I saw 9 months ago. The conversation went more or less on the lines as "What can I do for you?". I outlined what was said by the urologist and he replied "No problem you can have a biopsy". I then asked when I was going to have my recoiling. He said "Who told you that you were being recoiled?" I told him that I was told in September last year and that it was dangerous to leave. He said "Who said it was dangerous" and unfortunately I did not remember his name so could not tell him, surely its on my records!!!. He then said "I will speak to him and will arrange for you to be re-examined in two to three months"

No this is not a fairy story and I didn't imagine it, my wife was with me last September and she is fully compus mentis. I am seeing my GP on Tuesday and hopefully he will be able to clarify things but rest assured I will not be a happy bunny when I eventually see the neurologist, theoretically the last 9 months have been ruined for me due to stress and worry and here I am not one step further. Yes they did save my life for which I am eternally grateful but I feel now that I am just being pushed aside.

Sorry to rant on hope you are all well and enjoying the weather.



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hi john

sorry to hear that you are being given the run around or that you feel that one way of sorting this out is to write to the medical director of neurosurgery at the hospital you are being treated at or even send him an email via the complaints form on the web page it worked for lin when i e mailed the director at stoke make sure you address it to the medical director of neurosurgery if you know his name if not dont worry just send it and put in what you have said here this is wrong but i know how you feel im pleased you are stable down below and hope it continues please take care best wish's

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Hi John,

I am so sorry to hear once again that you are having issues with your doctor's. I totally agree with Paul. Take it further to the director. Hopefully you will get some answers that you deserve.

You have been through enough and it makes me angry :mad:

Take care,



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