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Problem with my left eye.

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Hi Everyone,

Today I had an appointment with my Optician, my normal 2 year check up.


For just over a week I have been having a problem with my left eye, the only way I can describe it is to say it has felt like i am looking through a very fine net curtain, probably sounds a bit odd,


Anyway i mentioned it to him today, so he set about investigating what it could possibly be, his first conclusion was the start of a cataract, which he said at the moment didn't need to be dealt with. He then decided to look a little more closely at my eye, putting drops in, the drops didn't cling to what he thought was the cataract as it normally would, he was a little confused at this point, so out came another piece of equipment and another horrid bright light, which was very uncomfortable to my eye.


He discovered at this point that it wasn't a cataract, infact it was a problem with my Cornea, he did give it a name, which i can't remember, but he did say what I have is very unusual, he has seen this problem at the front of the cornea, in his 37 years as an Optician he has never seen it at both the front and the back of the cornea.


Anyway to cut a long story short, he will be advising my GP of this problem and to let them decide if I should be referred for further investigation.


Apparently this is usually connected to trauma, such as substance being splashed in the eyes and can also be connected to SAH, that he said could be why it has affected both front and back, he can't be certain but because I haven't suffered any actual trauma to my eye from an accident, he feels that the damage was probably caused by the bleed. 


I did ask why had I suddenly got this net curtain feeling, he said it has probably been a gradual worsening, i also asked what should I expect to happen, he feels that an eye hospital will weigh up the advantages or disadvantages of doing anything, as I have sight in the eye, although a little blury they probably would leave well alone, as it's a complex operation to correct it, using a donor Cornea and the rejection levels are apparently very high, which would mean I would lose the sight in that eye altogether, not something I even want to think about.


I have no pain in my eye, it is more of an annoying thing, keep wanting to rub my eye to get rid of it, i have learned to cope with other physical issues, i am sure I will learn to cope with this too.


I will be monitored every 12 months instead of the usual 2 years, so that they can keep a check on it, any problems in between and he has told me go go straight back for a check up, so can't really ask for more than that.


I just wish I could recall the name of the condition.



Michelle xx 

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