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I'm just wondering if anyone knows the score with regard to motor insurance. My husband's car insurance is due for renewal in a few days time and I was just going to go ahead an renew it as usual. No doctors have told him that he must not drive, but of course he is not stupid and wouldn't attempt to get behind the wheel unless he felt 100%, which he accepts may be a while yet.

If you have a non-aneurysmal sah does that mean you don't have to notify anyone? As I said no medical staff had mentioned this at all.


P.S. Have just been on the DVLA site and downloaded their guide. Under neurological conditions it says there is no need to notify of Subarachnoid Haemmorrhage provided no cause ws discovered by the angiogram, so that is good. It just basically says not to drive until you feel well enough - common sense!

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Hi Melbury

I too had an SAH with no aneurysm found, like your husband. DVLA states that one can resume driving as soon as recovery has taken place, that is so vague, I waited till my consultant said I could drive, I then wrote to DVLA telling them that I had not driven for X weeks due to SAH and that I was now recovered and had resumed driving, they then sent me a from to complete and later sent me a letter to say I could continue driving with no restrictions. I then forwarded this to my insurers as proof that I was not driving without the consent of medical practitioner.Seemed to be the best and safest policy to follow.

As you say, SAH with no aneurysm found has mixed blessings, good that no aneurysm found but then you worry if they missed something and constantly ask yourself why it happened. There are no answers unfortunately. Also we are discharged quickly with no follow up and left floundering and wondering why we are taking so long to recover when we have not even had any surgery, I felt a fraud at times! I now know that recovery can be long and days can be good or bad. It is months rather than weeks before we feel anything like "better".I thought I could be superwoman and get better in a few weeks but that was not to be and I wish now I had just gone with the flow and listened to my body (as everyone on here kept saying!) instead of pushing myself to the limit to try and prove I could do it. The good thing is that we are told we are at no greater risk in the future of it happening again than anyone else in the general population, this means health insurance premiums etc must not be affected.

I hope hubby starts to make some progress soon but you will both have to be VERY patient and that will be hard at times, especially when you want to have a nice day out and hubby then takes three days to recover or something like that. It will happen but be prepared for a long haul and lots of TLC and rest along the way.

PM me if you want to chat any time. Glad you have found this site for support anyway. Best wishes


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First I'll qualify my advice, I am..or at least was before my SAH a senior compliance director at a major insurance company, so hopefuly can give you the "real" position.

1) The DVLA clearly state that a non aneurismal SAH does not require notification or withdrawal of driving licence, unless of course other medical conditions apply.

2) Providing you have not received medical advice not to drive, then legally you are able to drive. As you said legal and feeling able to are entirely separate issues!

3) Under the DDA insurers are not able to impose penal terms to policies, unless they can justify these terms, most insurers nowadays accept that if the DVLA have issued a driving licence, there is no justifiable reason to impose terms of restrictions to the policy.

4) Despite what I have said above, there are always rogue insurers out there who will not follow the party line and will rely on a non disclosure of material facts to avoid a claim.

I would therefore advise that you formally declare the SAH to your insurers prior to renewal and keep a record. If they attempt to apply penal terms, remind them of the ABI agreement regarding disabled drivers.....

Best wishes


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Hello, I didnt know about informing the DVLA or Insurance about the TIA I had,

I stoped driving for a month (that was awful) But i never informed anyone...perhaps I should have, Then again It might have stired up a Hornets nest when i came to renewing my Firearms Licence.

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Hi all

I don't feel anything like able to drive right now but I am interested to read everyones comments, especially about the insurance aspect.

I had non-aneurysm SAH and I was told by one of the consultants that I had to surrender my licence - which has been done. However, I'm now a bit confused, it seems that maybe I didn't have to - although I had three seizures when it happened, so would this be the reason I had to surrender it?

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We sent off the form to notify DVLA about my husband's non-aneurysm SAH about a month ago, but haven't heard a word from them.

I tried to phone today but couldn't get through, just a message saying they are snowed under with calls and having problems with their computer system.

The whole thing seems a bit hit and miss to me:biggrin: especially as you are allowed to continue driving until they get back to you.

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