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I am new here

Dianne n

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Hi my husband had a subarachnoid hemorrage  3 years ago 

He also has type one diabetes 

He is physically ok

But mentally he has short term memory and gets very angry and shouts at me alot

I love him so much 

So would love to chat to people that understand 



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Welcome . You will find many posts here helpful. Rest and lots of fluids. Get the covid vaccine if you haven’t already. Please be patient. Not sure if his neuro can help with symptoms. He is lucky to have a caring spouse/partner.

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Welcome to BTG. 

Is it possible for your hubby to get some counselling to help with his anger management? I suggest that you approach your GP with a request, be completely honest as to how he has been left.

SAH can leave survivors with all sorts of problems, mental and physical. I know my personality has changed since mine. 

Hope he can get the help he so obviously needs.


If you would to join in the daily banter in The Green Room please feel free. You can also let of steam if needs be and no one will take offence.

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