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Just wondered if anyone had a growth in the dint in their head where the shunt was.

In the last month one has appeared on mine, it’s like a mole although white and seems to be growing fairly quickly.

I have a phone appointment with my doctor next Monday.

Be grateful for any info.

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Hi there, I am wondering if you mean the burr hole scar from where the extra ventricular drainage was placed? A shunt is placed under the skin and remains in situ with tubing unless removed  or there is need for further surgery? 

I have a burr hole and it can change a little which I associate with barometric pressure but it sounds like you may have a little cyst or something , possibly a damaged hair follicle, BUT, go get it checked out as soon as you can. 

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Hi Daffodil yes that’s what I mean I thought they called it a shunt in hospital but the way I was then they could have called it anything.


l would like to think it was a damaged hair follicle but they are few and far between on my head.


l don’t think phone appointment will be much good, but it’s a start


Ps green with envy seeing you paddle boarding I was going to have a go last year, but like everyone else holiday was cancelled.


Thank you Compostc.

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Update on growth on burr hole.


Had phone appointment with doctor at 3.30 sent photo she asked me to go to surgery at 5.00.


Had a look then referred me to a clinic, had letter from clinic two days later saying they would contact me with appointment.


ln the meantime I hit my head on a door and knocked growth clean off, it didn’t even bleed just left a small red mark.


So I phoned doctor and sent photo, she still wants me to go to clinic.


Still waiting for them to contact me with appointment.

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Well that’s one way to solve  it 😂

Glad it’s getting looked at still just to be safe and I imagine hitting your head gave you a bit of a scare too so yes get it looked at.


oh and paddle boarding I really recommend for gentle cardio that helps core and balance. And of course falling over in water hurts far less than on land...

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Update growth on burr hole

went to clinic yesterday, showed the lady a photo before I knocked it off.
She said it was nothing to worry about it wasn’t skin cancer and was easy treated.

She got a canister of liquid nitrogen and sprayed it.
So today I have a burn mark where it was,  so that’s it I don’t have to go back.

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