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  1. Hi everyone thought id comment let you know where I am in work , im currently working 30 hours a week which adds up to 35 really because I rely on my generous amazing friends in work for lifts. (no licence since shunt op). Prior to the shunt op I was struggling with work ,in bed early every night I know realise the hydrocephalus was causing more problems than I realised. Since ive been back in work im like a different person. Though im not back on the ward im doing admin it gives me real motivation and focus. Feel more like myself .I think you are all amazing and should be so proud of what you are all achieving x
  2. Hi everyone i have to agree i have no energy it has been 16 months since sah but only 4 weeks since ive had a placement of shunt . i called into work yesterday to see everyone then went shopping , got home had a headache , nausea and exhausted was in bed by 8.30. Im going back to work in 2 weeks just hope i ll be able to manage was doing 4 days before placement of shunt , i feel i need to get my life back now am i being too optimistic ? x
  3. Hi Scarlett hope you are ok my surgeon is mr Goetz but i saw a lot of the registrar cant remember his name but he was excellant . keep us informed take care x
  4. Hi Scarlett im Cath ive been reading your thread and can empathise , i had a sah nov 2011, i was treated at the heath in cardiff and there is no doubt they saved my life , it has left me with hydrocephalus and i have since been back in to the heath for placement of shunt feb of this year , the treatment i received was second to none iI think what im trying to say is it will be scary where ever you are treated i too was very scared but all the staff were amazing and treated myself and the other patients so well, (and im a nurse so i know good care when i see it ). I just wanted to share a positive experiance with you its not all bad , i wish you luck where ever you are treated take care lots of hugs Cath x
  5. Wem thats a lovely idea i think we should all take a leaf out of your book and focus on the positive , sounds fab x
  6. That's brill news dawn , glad it's working out for you x
  7. hi everyone keep your chin up donna , its been a year for me i also suffer with spinning (thats what i call it) mine is nearly controlled with betahistine and stemitil , but when its not its torture. I also have hydrocephalus awaiting a ct scan but dont think its gone as still have headaches and i vomit if i move my head too quick . i always thought the hydrocephalus was causing it but if youve got the same symptoms im not sure, Seing the neurologist in a week so im gonna mention it. my mood is very low too dont know how to improve it , take care x
  8. hi everyone , im not doing what i was doing before mary , but still beat myself up is i feel ive done badly , my memory comes and goes too is this normal? Ive got the neurologist on the 17 following my ct scan so i ll know if the hydrocephalus is worse , may have to have a shunt yikes !!! Im with you boys with the back to work im shattered feeling like ive been run over by a bus , didnt think increasing my hours would be so difficult x
  9. ive never had whooping cough was vaccinated though x
  10. Im determined to stay up past 8 o clock at night even if it s only tilll 9 lol. x
  11. Hi Vanessa i think what you are feeling we have all felt , i used to feel i was unlucky because i survived , i now realise that s so not true . Im with sandy i wish sometimes i didnt look so normal because no one can see how ill you really feel. I Know everything is an effort and im really trying to build my confidence back up , On a positive it will be a year for me in 2 weeks and even though i dont see it everyone telll me how far i have come and i am going to up my hours to 30 next week, it will be hard but i am looking forward to the sense of satisfaction i ll get once i acheive it. I think it was stephanie who said "Im taking my life back " thats how i feel , so keep your chin up it will get easier but for now rest and listen to your body xx Cath x
  12. Hi both I'm with Louise on this since my sah I rarely feel emotion , I'm not tearful but don't get excited either , I'm hoping it ll come back. I miss feeling these things x
  13. I love your attitude stephanie , with everything youve ben through you could so easily hate the world , i love your determination , im going to take my life back too , keep up the good work and wise words love Cath
  14. Well done Sandi acceptance is a big part of recovery , even though i am back at work im doing a different job , i dont know what the future holds for me whether i ll be able to go back on the ward . I intend to try my hardest to go back however if i cant i hope i reach your level of acceptance. You are such an ispiration xxx
  15. Hi Ceejay im nearer to pontypridd , do you find it useful , problem is cant drive at the moment and i work every monday x
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