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Hello again,


It has been a long time since I have visited this site. 

Sadly John had another stroke on the 12th December last year.  This time it was more serious.  He spent many weeks in hospital where he had as much rehabilitation as possible. 


He came home in February this year and I have been caring for him.  I am fortunate in that carers come in mornings and evenings to give him personal care, and many aids to living have been supplied. 


He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's exacerbated by his profound hearing loss.  His life is now very limited but I try to make his surroundings as pleasant as possible. 


He sleeps nearly all the time and is developing other health problems for which he is prescribed medication. 


He is very weak in his upper and lower limbs, has a poor appetite and thus losing weight. 


On the whole I think his environment and care is as good as it can be.  Generally he is too tired to feel frustrated about his state of health but occasionally he is not and those times are difficult for us both.  


I just want to thank those of you who sent messages of support in the past.


Yours sincerely,

Brenda H.  

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Brenda, I'm so very sorry to hear about John and also being diagnosed with Alzheimer's ...


My father in law had Alzheimer's and it's a cruel condition and think that it's even harder for their partners and what they have to put up with. My father in law became quite abusive too. 


Life's certainly not fair .... Just remember, that you're doing as good as you can with his care ... 


Please remember to look after yourself too .... if you can get some respite care, take it ... take all the help that you can and if you need to sound off ....just post here... xx

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