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unsure if right place

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Hi, I"m a 54 yr old vet tech from Minnesota.  On July 22, 2021, i fell down the basement stairs.  My husband found me about 10-15 min at the bottom, bleeding profusely from the back of my head.   Took me to the ER, i had a large wound on the back of my head, which the ER declined to suture because it was too mushy.   


They did a CT scan of my head and back, found out I had a subarachnoid brain bleed, plus my L3 lumbar vertebrae was displaced with a transverse fracture.    I was in ICU for 3 days, where they monitored the bleed, sutured my head, and I came home on the 25th.  I am still currently excused from my work, and have just been trying to heal at home. 


I'm still very sore, body wise, especially my lower back.  I'm having 2-3 mild headaches per day.  and I have a few dizzy spells in there too.   I'm on the antiseizure meds and tylenol.  My husband notices occasional slurring in my speech, not all the time but occasionally.    I am tired all the time.  My next scan isn't until 9/14.    


What my main question is, how do i know if i'm healing at the right pace, and am I doing the right thing by taking it easy??  I am also still weeping from my lump on my head, sutures haven't dissolved  yet.  Still very soft.

Any suggestions or advise??  

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Welcome to BTG.

We can't give medical advice as none of us are qualified to do so. Any concerns you have seek advice from a medical professional. That would be the correct way to go regarding the weeping from the lump and the weeping sutures.


Healing after a SAH is a very long slow process in most cases but of course everyone is different. There is no right pace. Taking it easy is the correct thing to do, baby steps only or you could find yourself going backwards. Tiredness is common afterwards, you need to nap as required. Listen to your body. 


You may well need more time off work than you think, there is no magic recovery. It is not like a broken leg, fixed and back to work. It is advised that when you return to work do it on a slow phased return.


To help with the headaches make sure that you keep well hydrated, lots of drinks, preferably caffeine free.

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Hello and warm welcome to BTG!


I echo SuperMario's advice. You are at the early stages of recovery and yes, taking it easy, be kind to yourself and don't hesitate to ask for help are the ways to go. Rest lots and always listen to your body. 


We are always here for you...you've come to the right place. 🙂

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