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  1. Hi Shazza, Yes, it is quite normal. Have you gone back full hours? A gradual return to work is advisable to build up your stamina and to test the waters so to speak. I hope that it is something you can arrange and feasible with your line of work. You can also ask your Doctor to back you up with this. Pace yourself and it's very important not to overwork yourself. Best of luck, Ann
  2. Congratulations, Jean! Lots of exciting things going on with you and your family. And volunteering at the zoo...that's a dream! Enjoy and I wish you the best days ahead. 😊
  3. You are doing a super job, Jennifer. You made me laugh, I have MIL issues but I am so glad for you that she's there to help. 😊
  4. Welcome to BTG, Jennifer! I am sorry the doctors nor nurses don't have answers for you. As Tina have said, these things happened and we just cannot get answers as to why. My experience is very different to your Moms'. I've had two ruptured aneurysms 10 years apart at the same location and I have stopped asking why. Acceptance is hard but eventually I was able to and shifted my focus on how blessed I am to have survived both. Your Mom is truly lucky to have survived and luckier to have a caring daughter. I understand how trying this time must be for you. I am glad you h
  5. Welcome Ilse! What a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing and for being so open about your experience. Perspective really do makes coping a bit easier. I admire your attitude towards it all. I love this...keep it up! 😊 Ann
  6. Hello all, Gurveena, I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, January 19th and like most just a really sore arm/ shoulder. I will be getting my second dose tomorrow. I am hoping after effect will be the same. Yes, @tina sorry to hear that. I was actually wondering where and how you were. I hope you recover completely. Sarah, we are all young at heart I hope!
  7. Awesome news, Sally! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy and take careπŸ’—
  8. Oh Sarah, YAY!!! What a relief. I am so happy for you. This made my day. Thanks, now relax and enjoy! ☺️
  9. Hi again Shazza, I'm glad to hear you will be off work again. Take that time to really relax and rest. I feel you about wine. We are the same! Haha. I would wait a while longer though. Wine and meds assuming you are taking some is not a good mix. The after effects is not worth it and I am speaking from experience. πŸ˜†
  10. Hi Shazza, Welcome to BTG! Everything you are feeling is normal part of your recovery. It can be a long, slow, up and down journey. Everybody is different. I can only speak from my experience. My SAH was in July 2020. I have significantly improved since then but I still get the headaches. Fatigue is also a factor in my everyday life. I take frequent rests and try to breakdown tasks so it does not overwhelm me. Take it easy and listen to your body. We cannot really set a timeframe for our recovery. We always say here, be kind to yourself. I do hope you can
  11. Thanks everyone! πŸ₯° @kempse I sure hope you hear soon and it's all in your favor. Sending you positive vibes!
  12. Quick update: MRI from January 5th looked good. Coils are intact and are in place. πŸ‘ It was the Head of Neuro and my Doctor who coiled my first aneurysm from 2010 that saw me this time. We asked him about the stent and he said he does not think I need it for now. He ordered another MRI and Angio for July which will be my 1st year anni-versary for my second aneurysm and go from there. It makes a world of a difference when the Doctor is straight-forward and as decisive as he was unlike the other Doc I saw in November. I know everybody is different and I trust their expertise. I just
  13. Happy belated anni-versary! What a feat...congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience, insight and helping all of us here on BTG. Way better than Zuckerberg for sure!πŸ˜‰
  14. Hi Monique, Welcome to BTG. We are glad you joined. You will find the most helpful and compassionate people here. I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time. All you are feeling I (most of us) have gone through. Know that it is ok to feel that way. Your SAH is so recent. Mine happened in July and the first 1 was 10 years ago. Give your self some time to adjust. I too felt isolated and still sometimes do. Thankfully I have great friends who keep me company. Having 3 boys must keep you very busy. I have 1 boy and my husband who sometimes act like a child. ha
  15. Hi Sarah, Snow and ice...lovely to look at but not to drive on. I'm so glad you managed and did not have to cancel your scans. Having to wear the mask while in makes it more difficult and uncomfortable I find. Hoping your new scans will provide clarity moving forward. Take care, Ann
  16. Welcome Selah! Yes, you came to the right place. The best place I would say. I am glad to hear you are recovering and adjusting well. 2020 really is challenging for most of us. Like you, I am for the most part is a positive person. Just remember that it is ok not to be ok sometimes. I always see that quote everywhere and having experienced a 2nd SAH it really rang true to me. Recovery can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Just remember, we are always here for you! Take careπŸ’—
  17. Oh Sarah, I do hope the results will be in our favor. I would be lying if I said I'm not anxious about it. At this point, I'm just trying to not think about it too much. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
  18. Just an update: after several back and forth between my Neuro Surgeon's office because they mistakenly booked my MRI for Dec. 2021 instead of February as we previously discussed. It was a bit stressful but my Family Doc came through for me. I am now booked for my follow-up MRI next week! January 5th. I'll take that over December. Then hopefully a follow-up consult shortly after that. cc: @kempse I did not have the energy to write that on here but I did have a gong show in a smaller scale than yours. πŸ˜†
  19. Sarah, I'm very proud to have taught you something. haha Thank you as well. Enjoy the holidays! Merriest Christmas to you and your family!
  20. Sarah, that was a gong show if you know the expression. I'm glad you are getting those scans though. We all know they are very important! I have yet to have mine changed from December 2021 to February 2021 or at least July 2021 which is my 1 year. Best of luck in January! Take care!
  21. Hi Suzanne, Congratulations on your first of many more and for quitting smoking. That's an achievement in itself. πŸ₯³ Virtual hugs! πŸ™‚ Take care,
  22. Hi again Tina, Yes, I believe there are different kinds of stents. My Neuro told me the stent they would be using if they eventually do so is from Europe and would need an approval from Health Canada because it is not yet widely used here. How special! ☺️ That is very interesting...thanks again! I’m writing down questions for them for my next follow up. We’ll keep in touch! 😊 Ann
  23. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Tina. I wonder why he would say that I will be on blood thinners forever? I am happy to hear you are discharged completely. Take care and again, I appreciate your response. ☺️ Ann
  24. Thanks, Sarah! I have read the thread regarding your situation as well. I agree with you that the concern is always at the back of my mind. I have put my life in a sort of hold anticipating that another surgery was in the books but alas another question mark. I have decided that I would not dwell on it though. And yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. I love the Holiday Season! Thanks again and stay safe, Ann
  25. Hello all, I had my follow-up with my Neurosurgeon yesterday and left a bit uneasy. A shortened background: I had an aneurysm Dec. 10, 2010 and it was coiled. The same aneurysm ruptured again July 17, 2020 and was coiled again. The previous coils were still intact but a new aneurysm branched out off the old one. This is very rare to happen. Prior to my coiling there were talks of putting a stent as well. This was not done. My husband and I were told by two of the Neurosurgeons that it is needed as an added protection to not have another rupture. I was discharged after
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