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  1. Welcome Selah! Yes, you came to the right place. The best place I would say. I am glad to hear you are recovering and adjusting well. 2020 really is challenging for most of us. Like you, I am for the most part is a positive person. Just remember that it is ok not to be ok sometimes. I always see that quote everywhere and having experienced a 2nd SAH it really rang true to me. Recovery can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Just remember, we are always here for you! Take care💗
  2. Oh Sarah, I do hope the results will be in our favor. I would be lying if I said I'm not anxious about it. At this point, I'm just trying to not think about it too much. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
  3. Just an update: after several back and forth between my Neuro Surgeon's office because they mistakenly booked my MRI for Dec. 2021 instead of February as we previously discussed. It was a bit stressful but my Family Doc came through for me. I am now booked for my follow-up MRI next week! January 5th. I'll take that over December. Then hopefully a follow-up consult shortly after that. cc: @kempse I did not have the energy to write that on here but I did have a gong show in a smaller scale than yours. 😆
  4. Sarah, I'm very proud to have taught you something. haha Thank you as well. Enjoy the holidays! Merriest Christmas to you and your family!
  5. Sarah, that was a gong show if you know the expression. I'm glad you are getting those scans though. We all know they are very important! I have yet to have mine changed from December 2021 to February 2021 or at least July 2021 which is my 1 year. Best of luck in January! Take care!
  6. Hi Suzanne, Congratulations on your first of many more and for quitting smoking. That's an achievement in itself. 🥳 Virtual hugs! 🙂 Take care,
  7. Hi again Tina, Yes, I believe there are different kinds of stents. My Neuro told me the stent they would be using if they eventually do so is from Europe and would need an approval from Health Canada because it is not yet widely used here. How special! ☺️ That is very interesting...thanks again! I’m writing down questions for them for my next follow up. We’ll keep in touch! 😊 Ann
  8. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Tina. I wonder why he would say that I will be on blood thinners forever? I am happy to hear you are discharged completely. Take care and again, I appreciate your response. ☺️ Ann
  9. Thanks, Sarah! I have read the thread regarding your situation as well. I agree with you that the concern is always at the back of my mind. I have put my life in a sort of hold anticipating that another surgery was in the books but alas another question mark. I have decided that I would not dwell on it though. And yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. I love the Holiday Season! Thanks again and stay safe, Ann
  10. Hello all, I had my follow-up with my Neurosurgeon yesterday and left a bit uneasy. A shortened background: I had an aneurysm Dec. 10, 2010 and it was coiled. The same aneurysm ruptured again July 17, 2020 and was coiled again. The previous coils were still intact but a new aneurysm branched out off the old one. This is very rare to happen. Prior to my coiling there were talks of putting a stent as well. This was not done. My husband and I were told by two of the Neurosurgeons that it is needed as an added protection to not have another rupture. I was discharged after
  11. Welcome Survivor 13! You look amazing and I admire your strength. And what unconditional love you both had. Truly special. Stay strong and we are always here for you.
  12. Hi Riti, A bit late...welcome to BTG! I'm glad you finally decided to join us. I hope you find this network to be of great resource of help and support. I have gone through most of what you are experiencing. Sadly, I am on my second SAH actually. I find experiencing it 10 years ago is making my experience right now a bit "easier" because it is not a complete mystery to me. We do experience symptoms differently. I am grateful for the little wins. Go easy on yourself. We are here for you. I hope your angiogram have favorable news. Take care, Riti and sending
  13. Macca, Happy Anni-versary and Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your lovely wife! Thank you for also being there for all of us. I truly appreciate your presence.
  14. Warm welcome to BTG! I'm so glad you found this site. It is a great resource and is run and full of very supportive people. You have come a long way and many of us can empathize that it is not always easy. I speak for myself that all I can do is take it one day at a time (even one hour a time depends on my stubborn headaches 😄 ) Take care, Ann
  15. You are welcome. As I’ve mentioned in our conversation, thank you for all the work that you do! You and the rest of the volunteer staff do so much for all of us who relies on the support and wisdom this site offers. You are all amazing!
  16. Thank you, Macca. You have such a way with words and it’s like you articulated what is in my heart. When I had my first aneurysm we didn’t have our son yet and I believe the universe had a hand in that. I had to get better and be prepared for motherhood. Although I bet a lot would agree that nothing can really prepare you for such an endeavor. I had immense fear when I had my second aneurysm that I wouldn’t be around to be with my son again. What a gift for me to survive again and I intend to use every second of it to profess my gratitude by spending time with
  17. Thanks, Daff and blessings to you too! It was quite traumatic for my son when it happened specifically because I barfed on our bed. 😆 Took him awhile to get over that. Thank God my Mom can look after him while I was at the hospital. My in-laws as well and close friends kept him company. When I was strong enough to visit with him outside the hospital (kids under 14 were not allowed to go inside as Covid precaution) we did. My husband explained to him what happened to Mom and that I would need lots of TLC. Now that I am home he is an amazing caregiver. He always asks if I am
  18. Thank you, Jess, Tina and Macca. I was so looking forward to my 10th anniversary and this happened. Truly a shock but again I’m grateful for my 3rd life. 😊
  19. Hello everyone, My name is Ann from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had my first SAH December 10, 2010. My ruptured aneurysm was coiled. This site was very helpful to me during that time. I was grateful to know that I was not alone. It took me 10 months to fully recover and Behind the Gray has been my constant and loyal companion. Although, I was not an active participant I found comfort in knowing you were all in “my team.” Fast forward to July 16th, 2020 around 9pm, I was in bed trying to sleep. My 7 year old son came to the room and asked if I would watch TV with him.
  20. Hello everyone, I did not get much sleep last night knowing today, a year ago my aneurysm ruptured while I was out shoveling our sidewalk. (It was just a light dusting mind you. I was not exerting any effort at all. Friends seems traumatized and hated shoveling after that! Which I believe living in Calgary they already did prior to my annie ) It seems surreal and I honestly do not know what to feel. I have mixed emotions over the past year. It was not easy for sure but I have somehow managed to "fully recover." I still have my days where I just want to sleep the whole day and wish I could tur
  21. Hi All, Sandi, I know it's been awhile but we did talk a bit about return to work. I did go back July 25. I started with 3 hours 3x a week and did that for 2 weeks. The 3rd week though they expected me to be at work for 4 hours everyday. Quite a big jump! It was the insurance company and work that "organized" this gradual back to work program. I was exhausted and had to call in sick a few times. I went back to my GP and told him that I don't mind the hours but I need a day in between to rest. We agreed to 5 hours 3x a week. Of course, the insurance company and work could not refuse. I did
  22. Hi Sicknote, I am so sorry you have to go through this. I have been in the same situation where you are right now. Thankfully, after 2 agonizing months my claim was approved. I have a very supportive GP and physiotherapist and I think that really helped my cause. My GP was asked to send all consult reports, chart notes, medical tests, CT's and MRI scans I have had. We sent everything and more. I guess after seeing the finding in my CT that states: "extensive SAH and mild hydrocephalus" that sufficed. In addition, I was seeing my GP every 2 weeks as stated in the reports. My case manager "in
  23. Thanks for sharing, Vivien! You look amazing just the way you are. I had a rough night and I wish I could sleep more but your picture moved me to HAPPY tears. Thanks again and stay strong!
  24. I love this, Kate! It is true that we are all different and yet we share a LOT as a group. I am also very thankful for BTG. Bill I like this one too! I think we should have an awesome quote section! Sue, most of your challenges are exactly like mine except the reading part. I am 6 months post and I started reading again last month. I find 10 pages at a time is my limit. I am sure eventually we can all do more.
  25. Hi guys, Thanks for all your replies. My neurosurgeons did not really discuss my MRI in detail. They said it looked good, coil was intact and there was nothing to worry about. I am happy with that no questions asked! Well, I could not resist asking about the sharp pain I feel behind my right eye. The Fellow looked at it and discussed it with my neuro, the "main" guy outside the room. (Sorry, I am confused with all these titles. Lol) Heard some whispers but when they came back said that maybe I should not be reading a lot YET. I took note that I felt the pain after reading 45 pages. It was a g
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