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Confusion after SAH

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Hello, 2 months ago my mum suffered a ruptured aneurysm on the PICA (very rare place I’m told). We were given the sort prognosis but remarkably my mum has woken up and is talking (with tracheotomy speaking value) and recently had a shunt fitted.


Mums memory is all over the place and she is becoming increasingly distressed, pulling feeding tubes out and talking about things that don’t exist. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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Hi Helena :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG.


So sorry to hear about your Mum, but great news she has woken up and speaking (tracheotomy). Two months is very very early in her recovery. It is normal for her memory to be all over the place at this stage also confusion and anxiety.  So scary for her to wake up with all the tubes etc. It is a very worrying stressful time for you all.


I'm sure the nurses are keeping her well hydrated, this also helps in everyway. I did not have a shunt fitted but i believe it can take time to settle. Some shunts can be adjusted,  maybe this is what your Mum needs, dont know if this is the type your Mum has? I'm sure the Consultants will be keeping a close eye on her.


Keep in touch, wishing your Mum well with her recovery.

Take care

Tina xx 



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Hi Helena, another warm welcome to BTG.


Apparently I was extremely confused after my SAH, not as though I can remember but have been told.

I was insisting I was in a different hospital to where I really was. I was saying that I was being looked after really well because I worked there. Wrong hospital but yes I did work in the one where  I thought I was (but I wasn't) in my late teens and early 20's many moons ago now.


I even accused the staff of trying to poison me then immediately offered the said cake to my young grandson.


Confusion is a dreadful thing to witness and no doubt your mum is frightened. Possibly she doesn't realise what has happened to her.

Recovery can be a very long slow proccess but things should get better as she progresses in her recovery.


Wishing your mum well for her future recovery and please stay in touch. Every little bit of information may be of help to our members, old and new.

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Thank you so much for these responses so helpful! 💜 my mum is 67 but today she said she is 35 and was very distressed because she couldn’t understand where her parents were. We carefully explained that they had passed 20 years ago.  It is really hard to see her so distressed. Similarly mum thinks the hospital staff are against her. X

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I too asked whether my mum knew where I was and what had happened though she had passed away 2 years earlier. 
As others say confusion is a normal part of recovery and hopefully this will lessen with time. 
Hang on in there, she’s made it this far so hopefully she’s a fighter and will make a reasonable recovery. 

take care of yourself too as she’ll be needing you. 

clare xx

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