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Found this site while browsing for more information on traumatic SAH. 

I am a 70 year old retired female and I live with my husband. On April 5, 2022, I used a short step stool to reach something on a shelf. My husband was out taking a walk with a neighbor. I lost my balance and fell on a hardwood floor. My head was bleeding from a laceration above my right eye. 

I was able to call my husband and he returned home within minutes. We went to urgent care where I received x-rays and stitches. Then I was sent for a CT scan. A small brain bleed was found and I was admitted to the hospital.


A repeat CT scan was done early the next morning and it showed the bleed stabilizing. I was under the care of a trauma physician and a neurosurgeon. I spent two days and nights in the hospital.


Stitches were removed after 10 days and I saw my PCP within the first week. This Thursday, May 5th, I have a follow up with the neurosurgeon. Until he releases me I have not been allowed to drive, lift more than 10 pounds, or do anything strenuous. 

I think I’m doing okay but just wonder how long recovery may last. Headaches are much less frequent,  I take naps often, and I noticed that I get anxious if I’m out in public, especially if my husband is not right next to me. I think I’m terrified of falling again. 


Sometimes I think others are skeptical of what I’m going through. 
Has anyone else had a similar experience to mine?

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Hi Karen a very warm welcome to BTG :) 


So sorry you had such a nasty fall and bleed on the brain, bless you, glad you got to hospital quickly. Sounds like you are doing well in your recovery. We all recover differently, some quickly some slowly. Great your headaches are less frequent. Taking naps will really help and also drinking lots of water.


The anxiety is very normal, you have been through a major trauma. It will get better over time. I could not go out at all for quite some time on my own. I did it gradually, you will get there :) . Its very early days, you have had a horrible scary shock. Sometimes others will never understand what you are going through. Dont let that upset you xx


Keep doing what you are doing and know that we are here for you, even the slightest worry. We empathise and totally get how you are feeling xx


Take care and keep in touch,

Tina xx



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Hello Karen,


Welcome to BTG.  What an experience you have had, I am so sorry. So relieved for you your husband was close to help.  Karen I was very uncomfortable  anywhere there was a lot of activity going on. 


My bleed was 5 years ago.  While I am much better, it is slow for our brains to heal, I still feel like someone is going to bump me.  My balance is not what it was.  I feel a lot of motion when walking.  But I can go out into a store if not too crowded or I grab a cart.  I was 64 when I had my bleed, so 69 now.  


I think having others understand is difficult.  my husband and daughter, my biggest supporters, understand to a degree but I think not totally.  Bless their hearts as they work through it also.

Thinking of you




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