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Hi all,all Merrill does at the moment is giggle but only when something goes wrong, nearly knocked myself out, earlier and she just stands and giggle and although a few months ago i would have given anything for her to giggle it does get frustating and sometimes inflames the situation, just latley i never get any me time, and i think that people look at her and don't realise how she is at times, but her thinking at times is all wrong,and i sometimes find that a bit frustating, since my mother died i hav'nt seemed to have a lot of patience with her and after we have words i sit down and feel awful but it's not always easy to keep cool so thought i'd just have a little moan and get that off my chest anyway thanks for listening, Rod

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Hi Rod,

Sorry to hear that you have lost your mother - forgive me if I've missed that news in earlier postings.

Of course you are coping with Merill's frustrating giggling in the appropriate way - by coming here and letting off (a little gentle) steam. Try not to beat yourself up too much, I'm sure you're coping and caring for Merill very well.

At the end of the day remember to forgive yourself for any times that you feel you could have done better, and look forward to the coming of another day with the one you love.

Sending you a virtual hug, and buying you a virtual pint and a game of virtual pool!

All the best, mate.


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rod im always thinking of you and mel losing one mum does knock the stuffing out of you by all means let off in here i understand how you feel but this is just a blip in an already stressed situation one day forwards two back i jst hope you feel a little better now you have let steam off hugs and cuddles to you both just take good care of yourself and mel as i know you do hugs and cuddles rod

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