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hi can anyone help me with a bit of info concerning Med 4 am i right in believing that after you have been sick for 28 weeks you can request a med 4 then there is no need to keep asking for sick notes, as Merrill has now been off work for 11months without the prospect of return in the forseeable future and as dwp seems to lose the sick note when i send it in most times i think i could ask for a med 4 which would make it much easier for me, thanks Rod

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Hi Rod,

I don't know very much about work or benefit entitlements, but it may be worth getting in touch with Different Strokes which is a charitable organisation that has a helpline and website and are pretty helpful with this type of information .... they also have a message board/forum like ours.


Different Strokes Central Services

9 Canon Harnett Court

Wolverton Mill

Milton Keynes MK12 5NF

Tel: 0845 130 7172

Fax: 01908 313501

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Hi Simon thanks for your reply i did speak to gp this morning and she told me that a med 4 will only be issued if requested by dwp,that she would normaly get a letter from them requesting her to issue a med 4, to be honest thats not how i understood it to be but she showed me some paperwork that seems to support what she said, Merrill gets a sick note for 3months at a time so it's not a big deal its just that when i send them in they always seem to lose them,but thanks for the help Best wishes Rod

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