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Guest Hannah

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Guest Hannah

Hello all,

As I said on another post things are looking up on the access to rehab front and I have had the first decent nights sleep since middle of December (a good 7 hours)!

I'm starting to think I spend way too much time lurking around message boards.... but I have YET another question!

I was going to pm Louise but I thought I would open it up on the board as any responses might be useful for other visitors.

My question regards specialist rehab hospitals/wards. What actually goes on there? I know there are a few different kinds as well, they mentioned a 'slow stream' facility which is for those where, I assume, they are looking at very slow recovery.

This might seem daft but - how are the days spent? I assume that there are regular physio/OT sessions...but what else, how long can you be in there for etc.

I'm raising this as my dad is worried that she might hate it, get herself worked up and upset or that the Drs might drug mum or keep her sedated. (the latter of which I am certain won't happen). It order to talk to dad, I would just like to see what other peoples experiences are.

Hope everyone is keeping well, take care


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Hi Hannah

I didn’t know that there were a few different kinds I can only talk about 1.

Yes its physio OT physiologist mainly I had a time table kind of like classes at school to be honest the days passed fairly quickly because of this if I remember.

I had to make a cup of coffee or it could be tea what ever is your thing, the OT took me to the supermarket & we bought some things to make a lunch.

Speech Therapy: Just what it is.

When I got there this girl was there her Dad used to come in every night from work to see her, he used to come around & speak with other visitors he was a Lawyer & now he’s actually our Lawyer because when my Dad passed away & I needed legal advice who better someone that knew & understood me, as who I now am.

Emily is still there in the Re-hab hospital, she’s been there a long time now.

Physio: Well its what you think, I thought it was pretty tough but without it my limp would be far worse & the movement that wasn’t there in my right hand is fully back although both are bad when I’m tired but that’s maybe just me.

Occupational Therapy OT: My first meeting with her to me was strange I had to dress in front of her, but then she could asses how I was doing I understand that now but then wow!!!

I had to brush my teeth, I held the toothbrush like a child holds a spoon & I had no idea what you did with it, she motioned teeth ah now I remember I though.

I was given picture cards of Concorde landing, taking off, in flight & taking I had to put them into order – it was way wrong……

I was given a ball with the shapes out of it I used to look after my friends little boy who I used to do the same thing with, I thought “oh please don’t insult my intelligence†the shock to me came when I couldn’t fit the shapes into the ball I couldn’t understand why my brain couldn’t see that there was a problem I thought I hadn’t changed at all…so…..

Physiologist: I saw someone every day I was there we just chatted I don’t remember what we talked about, what had happened to me they assessed me a lot I think.

None of it made much sense to me if I remember I thought it all so silly but now I am so glad that I went there, I got out at the weekends, I used to call Ronnie my jailer when he took me back on the Sunday night, if I hadn’t went there I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do or function in the way I do, it was the OT that got me the place at college too.

So all in all I am pleased that I went to the Re-hab hospital although I know at the time I didn’t want to go & Ronnie & my Dad had a terrible time with me, because although they explained it over & over again I thought that they didn’t want me I thought that they didn’t love me anymore that was very tough on all of us but I’m glad they were strong & didn’t weaken because now I am so grateful….

I hope that this is ok, if you want to ask anything you only have to ask.

Take care Louise.xxx

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Thanks for this Louise, its kind of how I thought. The OT bit is interesting, I have mainly sat in on physio sessions with mum rather than OT (just the ways its worked out with me being at work) so I haven't seen as much. At the moment we're at the stage of playing snakes and ladders and smallish jigsaw puzzles.

I know OT's aim is the 'everyday' stuff, so we have so much more to look forward to. We should have definitine confirmation about the rehab by 26 January

Thanks again


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Hi Hannah,

I've just been referred for some O/T at my local hospital.....I think that I'm going to have a long wait for the first appointment, as they're pretty overstretched. I need some help with crowds, noise and day to day stuff, such as supermarket shopping, hopefully then can teach me some coping strategies.

Should be interesting.

Hope all is well,

Love K x

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Hi Hannah

No problem & if you've any other questions just ask me.

It did surprise me that you were able to sit in on the physio sessions we didnt have that at all.

I showed Ronnie my reply he said I'd mentioned it all very well.

Karen, yes that's why I was taken to the Supermarket with the OT, though I have to say I was far better then than now, hope you learn a few tips about it all & the appointment's not to long away. Yeh Scott's right try fast tracking through Headway..

Bye just now


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I know you go on the DS board, but just in case you missed it here is a recent post from the site........

Dear all,

Channel 4 Television's Dispatches programme is investigating the effectiveness

of the care offered to stroke victims within the NHS. This will form part of a

programme which will examine the finances of the NHS and the effectiveness of

the Government's reforms. Dispatches will ask whether increases in government

spending on the NHS in the last few years have born fruit in improvements in

patient care.

We would like to talk to anyone who's had a stroke in the last 18 months, or

their relatives, and has experience of the current state of rehabilitative

services in the NHS - including physiotherapy or speech and language therapy.

We are particularly interested in whether or not people are being asked to

wait long periods for appointments.

You can contact us on 020 7258 6714, or email thagan@mentorn.tv.

Many thanks.

Mentorn TV for Channel 4 Dispatches

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