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Incapacity Benefit

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Hi All

Does anyone have any experience in claiming benefits? as you may know I took ill health retirement from my job last October and have a total incapacity teachers pension, which states that I should not work again, and should inform TP if I do. However I did fill some forms in about claiming benefits and have been asked to go for a medical assessment next week. Although I have my pension I would like to work again in some way. I havent found anyone to talk to regarding my situation, and feel somewhat confused by it all. Am I entitled to anything?, should my stamp still be paid?

I'm sure that somepone on here may be able to help or suggest where to find out?

thanks again :crazy:


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IB finished last year unless you were already on it or had an underlying entitlement. It is now ESA and to be called for a medical is more than often the case. Was the form you filled in an IB50?

Look up ESA, if applicable, on the DWP site and it will explain it.

If you were on IB your stamp should have been credited.

Find a Welfare Rights Adviser to explain it to you, look under Welfare Rights in the phone book. If you are in Derbyshire they are based at Ripley and usually attend Dr's surgeries otherwise CAB could help or sometimes your local Law Centre has WRA's. To find an adviser locally you could also look on The Community Legal Assistance site. The link to find an adviser in your area is at the bottom of the page on the left hand side.

IB was not means tested as such but any pension income over a certain amount reduced it, eg £5 for every £10 over the limit. The only exception was if you got DLA HRC, when then you received the full amount

Be wary of the medical as the doctors from ATOS will twist what you say, they will ask catch questions as well. It has been known that their reports say the opposite to what you have told them.

As a note, I have a friend who taught and got her pension from County on ill health grounds. She does not get IB because her pension wipes it out but her stamp is paid.

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Hi have just sent you a pm, as penny says they do set out to trick you and it say on different strokes site that often the form they show you at the appeal bares no relation to what you told them, but they do tell you how to go about the medical anyway a bit of info in the pm good luck Rod

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Wow Penny you are a minefield of info.....

Caroline, Im on incopacity benifit (or whatever its called now):roll: I went for a medical, wasnt what I expected I just remember he asked me to shut my eyes, lean forward and he'd catch me.....those with balance/walking problems will know thats a really stupid thing to ask.....

Ronnie came in with me, and I told him I wouldnt even to that for my husband although I trust him, I dont know you.....

I was going to say the Welfare rights they're very helpful.....

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