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Just need support and advice, not medical

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I am having another downturn where I feel exhausted, anxious and weird. I did too much this week. 

First, is this normal? Is anyone else experiencing this? I am feeling great, firing on all cylinders and then I do something dumb, like go to a kick boxing class with lights/music/movement and I have an episode. 

Second, what kind of doctor should I see about this? My neurologist is not that kind of doctor, meaning he is clinical and not someone to see often for advice on recovery. 

Thanks for the help. Part of the episodes is feeling demoralized. 😒

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Hi E :) 


 You said yourself, you did too much this week and your body is telling you to slow down.

One year down the line in my recovery i found sometimes i took one step forwards and two steps back.

This was when i had over done things and pushed too hard too fast.


Listen to your body. I know its very frustrating when you feel ok and good and this happens.

Its all about learning your limits and your body sure will tell you if doing too much too fast.

I could not have even contemplated kick boxing in my first 3 years of recovery.


Consider a more gentle kind of exercise for now. Gradually build up.

If you continue to feel off then go and see your GP for peace of mind.

Slow things down again and see how you feel. You are still in the early stages of recovery at one year.


Take care, let us know how you are doing.

Love Tina xx





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Thanks, @Tina


I also feel weirdly anxious when I push too hard. Did you experience that? It’s so tough because I want to know if what I am experiencing is from the PMH SAH or something else. What’s normal? I guess I just have to rest and wait it out. That’s hard. I just thought after a year, I should be fine. 

Thanks to everyone for letting me complain. There’s just no one who I can talk to who has been through this. 

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Hi E :) 


We are always here for you when you want to complain/rant etc, we have all been there.

I think it's normal to be a little anxious. There is no set time for recovery, we are all different.

If you feel well enough to do kick boxing, do it but maybe start again doing half a class and see how you go.


Wishing you well

Love Tina xx 

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Do too much and your body rebels and bites back. Knowing what “too much” is can be challenging - 2.5 years on and I still don’t know what it is but fatigue is a regular thing but not at regular intervals or at the same depth or length! 


Anxiety is a partner it seems. Apparently PTSD is not uncommon either but I certainly get subconscious anxiety that then becomes horrible jittery anxious feelings that are also tiring!
Pfffft - frustrating isn’t it but not uncommon I think.


Not sure if this is helpful but I hope it does help a little x



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