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driving license

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Hi Diane

I sent my completed medical form off to DVLA 15th Jan this year and I phoned last Sat and got through to someone on the DVLA medical team, and they said a letter was in the post to confirm I am okay to drive again. So it took just over a month for them to check my medical records, to satisfy the fact I am ok to drive again. I thought that was pretty quick.

I only phoned last Sat to check when I might get any further information, or how soon I would expect to hear something!

Kel x

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Hi Diane,

It does appear to vary with the timescale with DVLA.

In my case, DVLA wrote for a report from my consultant last October, who then sat on it until he saw me in January. My Consultant then sent his report to DVLA ,who then wanted me to have a visual field eye test, this took a couple of days to arrange - I think it took place on 4th Feb and today, 27th Feb I have received a letter from DVLA saying I can keep my licence. So a total of 4 months in my case, but I had never actually surrended my licence in the first place (as I was unaware I even had to advise DVLA following SAH and only told them 11 months later, most of this time I had been driving anyway), so whilst I think the intention is there from DVLA to let you know as quickly as poss, it does take time for things to go through the system and I presume it will also depend on the individuals circumstances.

If might be worth giving them a ring in due course to see if you can find out any more - they have always seemed to be very friendly and helpful whenever I rang.

Best wishes,


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