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I am considering getting a 2nd opinion for my SAH from May 2022 as I am still suffering from severe headaches, lightheadness, nausea and heavy ringing in my ears.


I know there is no silver bullet to fix my issues and you have to let it run its course but I am getting at my limit for tolerance.


Any thoughts on sufferers who have done this and is it worth the cost and time/efforts or do I suck it up and put on my big boy pants and muddle through.




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Have you seen your GP and if so, what was their verdict? Does the hospital where you were treated have a specialist nurse who you could contact to voice your concerns? They should be your first port of call. Would your GP refer you back to neurology?

At the end of the day the symptoms you are presenting may be nothing at all to do with your SAH but coincidental, who knows.


I have never had a private consultation about my SAH but if all else has failed for you then a private consultation could give you peace of mind. Please bear in mind that a private consultation could lead to investigations being done that may have to be paid for unless the consultant is prepared to refer you back to the NHS. 

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Hi Gary


To be honest, we can't really advise you on the best course of action for you.


I had my SAH in August 2006 and it wasn't until August 2007 that my headaches abated and I stopped needing to sleep during the day.  The more I stressed about not being where I wanted to be in my recovery, the worse the headaches became.  Once I realised that this might be the "new me" and accepted that I may no longer to be able to do the things I did before, the easier it all became.


16 years later, I'm working full time again, but I can't do the high intensity training / workouts that I used to do as they cause banging headaches that last for days after.


I think Super's advice is sound - you need to contact your GP, see if there is a specialist nurse and most definitely consider the costs of going private.

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