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Help needed for my Mother - Yosista

Guest Yosista

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Guest Yosista

Hello All,

To introduce myself, I am a mechanical engineer brought up in American culture but currently working in India and living with my mom, dad and wife. We are a joint family and value our culture and traditions.

My Mom 72 had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage on this Feb 14th. This was due to a 5.6mm dia aneursym. She was in coma for 3 weeks but now slowing regaining conciseness. Since last 2 weeks She is opening her eyes and responding to pain. Though there are no any voluntary movements. Doctors earlier said she will always remain bed ridden as she was in a CVC (vegetative stage). They didn't coiled immediately after the stroke as they said it would be life threatening for her.

I love my mom very much and cant see her pains, particularly when they do the suction to remove her secretions. The feeling on her face at that time are very sad as if she is trying to cry. I want to get her out of this at any cost. I would like to know from any of you with this deadly experience on how I could help her get out of this.

I certainly believe she knows whats going around her. Her pulses grow when I hold her hand and talk to her. The expressions on her face changes when I talk to her about certain good memories. I believe her brain is not dead as doctors say. Please help me to save her.

Thank you.

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Hi Yosista, and welcome, this is the most awfull thing in anyones life to experience, 12 months ago it happened to my wife, so i know how helpless you can feel, you must just put yourself in the hands of the doctors,and be there for your mum, your bit will come later these can be long and drawn out and improvement is often slow. My wife had a pretty bad time too but yours seem a different situation and i'm sure there are people on this site who can give you better advice than me, but if you have any questions as you go along, feel free to ask them i'm sure someone will nearly always have the answers. Good luck to your mum in her recovery and best wishes to your family Rod.

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Hi Yosista

Warm welcome to the site....

I had a SAH 10 years ago and was pretty ill at the time, It does take a lot of hard work but you can have a life after SAH.

At the 3 year mark, I was still making a recovery, so I always find it hard when I read that doctors say after a month the patient will be bed ridden. I know in some cases that can be true, but dont give up hope, because every day/week/month there can be changes/improvements

take care

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hello yosista,

yes i do know where your coming from big time, the next time any dr tells me my lin is in vegetative state i will knock his block off so to speak.

Lin had a class 5+ bleed and a crainiotomy in august 2008 and was clipped and all the drs said was vegetative state but looking into lins eyes i knew she was there and i have maintained that all the way through. so yes i do know what you are going through. this is going to be a very long haul, but as long as you believe mum is aware then all you can do is support her through the recovery process because it is now up to mum to do the recovery bit and all you can do is be there and stimulate her with exercises. gently talk to the phyisos at the hospital and take guided advice, even sixteen months down the line lin has only improved a little, she is more aware and moves her left foot when i tickle her.

I take it mum has a tube in the neck which is what they are cleaning her airway with. do they tell her when they are about to clean her airway? if they dont then she will panic i will pm you separately, it is still very very early in mums recovery. lin was like your mum for 13 weeks please please take it slowly one day at a time. take every little thing as a positive because there will be a roller coaster ride for the next few months. welcome to the family will wait to hear more later, take care

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